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MFC video player

Application backgroundA video player based on MFC, read AVI video file format is limited, only to read the AVI file format.Download XviD decoder:Http:// TechnologyVideo codec, refers to a digital video compression or decompression of the program or equipment. Usual...

Easywin video streaming media server, call live555RTSP

Application backgroundLive555 maximum defect analysis: live555 is a single threaded program, if the client is too large or the number of cameras to read too much, it will appear a lot of problems, in addition, because it is a single thread work, can not make the multi core CPU play a role.Key Techno...

Opencv for video decomposition RGB channel

Application backgroundPlatform: vs2013 + opencv2.4.9  200 frames of the video, and the RGB channel for each frame....

MP4 file parsing

Application backgroundAAC and H264 from the MP4 file, for RTMP push...

VLC multi window code, quickly grasp the c# VLC entry

Application backgroundVideo playback and post processing library VLC, multi window development of the classic model...

Screenshots, X264 encoding, transmission JRTP client

Application backgroundThe realization of the PC end of the screenshots, X264 encoding, the use of JRTP network to send H264 packets, and save to a local file. As for how to play after, is my current task. Resolved to upload the complete...

Ffmpeg format conversion to talk about AVI to Mp4

Application backgroundRealize the use of AVI to achieve ffmpeg file transcoding MP4 file function, using the latest ffmpegSDK implementation...


CamStream, tools for webcams Documentation is in HTML format in 'docs' (this is a replica of the website the moment this version was released). For the absolute impatient: ./configure make (drink coffee) make install And you're done!  ...

Floating point transfer point

Generally, fixed-point arithmetic to implement in a computer is relatively simple, high efficiency; and floating-point arithmetic to implement in a computer complex, relatively low efficiency, materials commonly given point in floating point turn methods....

rtsp client

directshow фильтр клиент проигрывает видео из сети по протоколу rtsp...

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