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USB DVR video capture card DEMO

USB DVR video capture card software written in C++, compatible with most video capture cards on the market. Including a video preview, recording, playback, image parameter adjustment function. Can be used directly....

Target tracking, you need to manually select the destination region

VS2010 and opencv2.4.9, since the completion of the project in this version, so, before VC6.0 and modified version of opencv1.0 for target tracking, you can run it...


H264_NAL_DecoderAnalytic h264 video stream NAL unit, and RTP package shipping, classic example of VLC playback, andLearning video codec classmates quickly downloads,To use: open directly on the VC6 project and compile. (Need to be aware of is that we should change the IP address on your own. In the...

Simple FFMPEG Player source code

The program video decode and display (supports HEVC,H.264,MPEG2 and so on). Is the easiest tutorials on FFmpeg video decoder. By studying the examples, we can understand the FFmpeg decoding process. Project consists of two projects: simplest_ffmpeg_player: Standard Edition, FFmpeg learning begins. S...

Image scaling IP

Video scaling and processing IP, has the following characteristics: 1. Maximum support 1280x1024 input/output 2. Horizontally scales the range from 0.25 to 4, vertical scale ranging from 0.33 to 4;3. Support replication, bilinear interpolation and bicubic interpolation algorithm for three; 4. Users...

Onvif implemented under win7 vs Discovery (client, server)

Running a server-side program in VS, you can click Discover Devices found in the ONVIF Device Test Tool, run the client program can return data....

MFC video player

Application backgroundA video player based on MFC, read AVI video file format is limited, only to read the AVI file format.Download XviD decoder:Http:// TechnologyVideo codec, refers to a digital video compression or decompression of the program or equipment. Usual...

Easywin video streaming media server, call live555RTSP

Application backgroundLive555 maximum defect analysis: live555 is a single threaded program, if the client is too large or the number of cameras to read too much, it will appear a lot of problems, in addition, because it is a single thread work, can not make the multi core CPU play a role.Key Techno...

Opencv for video decomposition RGB channel

Application backgroundPlatform: vs2013 + opencv2.4.9  200 frames of the video, and the RGB channel for each frame....

VLC multi window code, quickly grasp the c# VLC entry

Application backgroundVideo playback and post processing library VLC, multi window development of the classic model...

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