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2013 HEVC video coding standard source code

HEVC is considered not only improving image quality, also reached H.264/MPEG-4 AVC twice times Compression rate (Same as under the same picture quality Bit rate Reduced 50%) to support 4 k resolution Even to Ultra high definition TV ,最高 Resolution Up to 8192x4320 (8K resolution). HEVC/H.265 vi...

V4L2 camera jpg format

V4L2 cameras collecting image data save pictures in JPB format images, and saving video data format of yuv420, yuv444, V4L2 on learning programming is helpful....

Auto capture frame from Video using AForge and C#

Design program reads data from the webcam (or digital camera), used for the recognition of the image frame. Each image 1 second apart. File burn to disk D, the image file name associated with the scene, together with the order form. For example: anh11.jpg, anh12.jpg, anh21.jpg, anh22.jpg. In that ea...

Computer screen video

To record desktop video, is hidden at run time, by ctrl+alt+F3 and ctrl+alt_F7 hidden reality, you can monitor your computer and what they do on their computers...

iSpy: Open Source Camera Security Software

I started writing iSpy back in 2007 after finding a superb open source c# .net project called AForge. I spent a while looking around for decent, open source motion detection and recording software but didn't have much luck finding any with the capability that AForge provides - so I decided to write...

Gesture recognition to control the mouse

Mouse manipulation using gesture recognition to...

Three dimensional scene reconstruction

3D is the abbreviation of three-dimensional display 3d graphics in the computer, that is displayed in the plane in three-dimensional graphics. Unlike the real world, the real three-dimensional space, there is a real distance space. The computer just looks like the real world, so in 3d computer graph...

Camera Capture

Optimized for real time image processing & computer vision applications Primary interface of OpenCV is in C++ There are also C, Python and JAVA full interfaces OpenCV applications run on Windows, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS Optimized for Intel processors core - basic modu...

VB to enumerate serial ports and camera

VB serial automatically enumerate Windows system, and join the camera head image capture program source code, and coordinate system transformations and so on, to be a current position information can be displayed DD, source code testing as shown on the screenshot, VisualBasic6.0 prepared by the sour...

A software which can convert yuv video to avi

A software which can convert yuv video  to avi ,this is not a simple code file .this is a software. it can aslo convert  avi video to yuv video .i download it from the CSDN. The users which download it give a high comment on it .so if you just need to convert and don't care th...

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