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SENTECH industrial camera collection

SENTECH industrial camera collection, VC++ collection program, along with parameter adjustment function, the main argument is, gain, exposure, and white balance. And deposit functions....

Target tracking, you need to manually select the destination region

VS2010 and opencv2.4.9, since the completion of the project in this version, so, before VC6.0 and modified version of opencv1.0 for target tracking, you can run it...

Onvif implemented under win7 vs Discovery (client, server)

Running a server-side program in VS, you can click Discover Devices found in the ONVIF Device Test Tool, run the client program can return data....

RTSP on demand core source

Application backgroundApplication in network video on demand development, it can be directly used, very convenient, for learning and use is also very good application in the development of network video on demand, it can be directly used, very convenient, for learning to use is also very good applic...

RTSP Server

Code on RTSP video streaming, original video h264 streaming via RTSP packet is pushed to a Web server, and plays...

Comparison of image segmentation algorithms

For a given image, edge segmentation algorithm based on OpenCV threshold display test. Require the installation of Opencv, the environment variable is set correctly. Install pythonxy....

Opencv motion detection

Application backgroundBackground subtraction and foreground extraction based on video image motion detectionKey TechnologyVideo processing, image gray, median filter, extract vehicle...

Vehicle detection program

Application backgroundVehicle detection based on video image, extract moving vehicleKey TechnologyImage preprocessing, background subtraction, image smoothing, threshold segmentation two, foreground extraction...

Dahua video recorder IE playback controls

Application backgroundA Dahua DVR ie plugin, Dahua display real-time monitoring and playback operation - ie one of Dahua DVR player plug-in the, you can display UOB monitoring, real-time playback and other operationsKey TechnologyFile list    dhconfigsdk.dll    DhDecode.dll ...

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