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Ffempeg implement the player code, the almost complete using FFMPEG to play a video of all the API

FFMPEG The huge, can refer to books and not many, many Learn FFMPEG people often feel overwhelming. The player's code is very simple, only about 100 lines or so. But obsessing about using FFMPEG to play a video of all of the API, and use SDL display the decoded video. Very suitable for novices to le...

Camera Capture

Optimized for real time image processing & computer vision applications Primary interface of OpenCV is in C++ There are also C, Python and JAVA full interfaces OpenCV applications run on Windows, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS Optimized for Intel processors core - basic modu...

VB to enumerate serial ports and camera

VB serial automatically enumerate Windows system, and join the camera head image capture program source code, and coordinate system transformations and so on, to be a current position information can be displayed DD, source code testing as shown on the screenshot, VisualBasic6.0 prepared by the sour...

A software which can convert yuv video to avi

A software which can convert yuv video  to avi ,this is not a simple code file .this is a software. it can aslo convert  avi video to yuv video .i download it from the CSDN. The users which download it give a high comment on it .so if you just need to convert and don't care th...

SENTECH industrial camera collection

SENTECH industrial camera collection, VC++ collection program, along with parameter adjustment function, the main argument is, gain, exposure, and white balance. And deposit functions....

Kalman tracking ball

Kalman filter method for tracking small ball, and draw the path of the ball. This program is suitable for novices to learn Kalman tracking. Program code is simple and easy to understand....

RTSP on demand core source

Application backgroundApplication in network video on demand development, it can be directly used, very convenient, for learning and use is also very good application in the development of network video on demand, it can be directly used, very convenient, for learning to use is also very good applic...

RTSP Server

Code on RTSP video streaming, original video h264 streaming via RTSP packet is pushed to a Web server, and plays...

Comparison of image segmentation algorithms

For a given image, edge segmentation algorithm based on OpenCV threshold display test. Require the installation of Opencv, the environment variable is set correctly. Install pythonxy....

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