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Particle filter based on frame difference method is used to track the target.

Application backgroundThe so-called particle filter is to find a set of random samples in the state space to approximate the probability density function, using the sample mean instead of integral calculation, and then obtain the system state of the minimum variance estimation process, the image of...

Hardware decoding of DXVA H264 ffmpeg

Application backgroundBased on the DXVA H264 ffmpeg hardware decoding, a good example, it is worth consideringKey TechnologyUsing vc++ and ffmpeg technology to achieve the hardware decoding, very good demo, you can learn about...

Builder C++ capture and save video

Application backgroundBuilder C++ capture and save video, can be used to develop the camera monitoring program, and save the AVI file to the local disk, and can display the camera surveillance video in real time. C++  Builder  collection&nb...

Using VLC library to do the VLC player

Application backgroundUsing the open source VLC library, a simple VLC player, the bottom of the package ffmpeg library; the video playback process of learning is very helpful, it is worth to download the video interested students to download...

Ffmpeg format conversion to talk about AVI to Mp4

Application backgroundRealize the use of AVI to achieve ffmpeg file transcoding MP4 file function, using the latest ffmpegSDK implementation...

Hass decoding

Hass decoding library downloads (includes libraries, header files, documentation, as well as official test program and source code)...

Target tracking

Target detection and tracking code can run yo! You can use the mouse to control this window and only needs to detect the target!...

VB webcam control source code

Dim lpszName As String * 100 Dim lpszVer As String * 100 Dim Caps As CAPDRIVERCAPS '//Create Capture Window capGetDriverDescriptionA 0, lpszName, 100, lpszVer, 100 '// Retrieves driver info lwndC = capCreateCaptureWindowA(lpszName, WS_CAPTION Or WS_THICKFRAME Or WS_VISIBLE Or WS_CHILD, 0, 0,...

Intelligent traffic classification

In 2013, the latest papers, judge the congestion in the traffic monitor, were made to the target cluster analysis, analysis of objectives....

WinCE simple DirectShow player

Simply implemented by DirectShow player under Wince. Player is simple, play, pause, stop, progress bar, full screen display, easy to understand...

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