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MATLAB video tracking

family:Tahoma, 'Microsoft Yahei', Simsun;color:#444444;font-size:14px;line-height:21px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">本人是新手,在网上下了基于matlab的视频动态跟踪程序,现把程序分享下。 本程序内含视频片段,源代码,可直接试用,适合...

C++ video to shake algorithm

Based on Gray-projection electronic image stabilization algorithm based on feature point matching method compared to high speed, good stability, vs2008 compiled by using c language written to facilitate the migration, we recommend everyone to download....

Under similar live555 win platform supports AMR H264 and audio/video RTSP transport

size:14px;">非常好的流媒体服务器示例,运行后可以直接通过输入rtp//IP 加端口的方式访问...



Local area network video surveillance system

family:Wingdings;">l System uses a human-computer interaction, interface is beautiful and friendly. l Need to always display screen information, network latency cannot be greater than the 1 秒。 l Server-side can be run at any time, as long as the client is running, you can disp...

Cy68013 data acquisition source code

size:14px;">cy68013 数据采集,开发工具是VS2010,利用MFC面向对象使用双线程采集数据绘图! 上位机通讯API是根据光放的CYAPI写的,很有参考价值,所有的fucntion都是手码的,多多支持!...

The latest version of the H.264 Source

This is about video encoding code, the code is very detailed, using h.264 encoding of video files in various formats to encode get 264 file compression package there is also documentation...

OpenCV meanshift Gaussian mixture modeling video tracking

space:normal;">改pCapture = cvCaptureFromFile("G://video.avi")//视频路径; 同类程序还有,这个是最好调通的。                          &n...

Optical flow method for motion estimation

Using optical flow motion motion estimation for video images, marked with arrows the direction of movement, object-oriented programming using c++ code, uses MFC interface to draw and results clarity, downloads can be used directly....


CamStream, tools for webcams Documentation is in HTML format in 'docs' (this is a replica of the website the moment this version was released). For the absolute impatient: ./configure make (drink coffee) make install And you're done!  ...

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