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FFMPEG Play Stream on Screen

>mutex = SDL_CreateMutex();     q->cond = SDL_CreateCond(); } /** SDL_LockMutex() locks the mutex in the queue so we can add something to it, and then SDL_CondSignal() sends a signal to our get function (if it is...

gsl 科学计算库

family:SimSun;">GSL(GNU Scientific Library)是GNU组织的数值计算C/C++函数库。它是自由软件,依从GPL协议发布。GSL提供了大量关于数学计算的函数库,当然也包括本文用到的随机数生成函数。更多关于GSL的信息可以到GSL的主页去了解。...

opencv imageprocessing

span" style="white-space:pre;"> ON_WM_SYSCOMMAND() ON_WM_PAINT() ON_WM_QUERYDRAGICON() //}}AFX_MSG_MAP ON_BN_CLICKED(IDC_BINARY, &CImageProcessingDlg::OnBnClickedBinary) ON_BN_CLICKED(IDC_GRAY, &CImageProcessingDlg::OnBnClickedGray) ON_BN_CLICKED(IDC_EDGE, &CImageProcessingDl...

New method for segmentation of 2013cvpr papers

Segmentation of multi-target, uses a multi-layered Bayesian framework and theory through segmentation target tracking optical flow field for a long time, this year's new paper, 2013cvpr...

Video playback and analysis


Using OpenCV reads and displays the video frame

Using OpenCV 1.0 version in Visual c++ 6.0 platform video reading and video frame display, is an introduction to video processing program, you can read AVI format video and display, and save each frame of the picture...

Incremental Learning for Robust Visual Tracking

In this project we make use of the new appearance information that comes available during tracking to incrementally improve a subspace appearance model of the target. The key to this algorithm is a novel incremental algorithm for PCA, allowing for efficient subspace updates....

VLC Player source code

size:16px;">VLC media playerVLC 是一个自由和开源的跨平台多媒体播放器和框架,可以播放大多数多媒体档案,以及 DVD、音乐CD、VCD 和各种串流协定。通过该播放器源码,可以了解播放器播放的原理及流程,为实现自己的播放器做准备....

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