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Gesture recognition to control the mouse

Mouse manipulation using gesture recognition to...

Target tracking, you need to manually select the destination region

VS2010 and opencv2.4.9, since the completion of the project in this version, so, before VC6.0 and modified version of opencv1.0 for target tracking, you can run it...

Comparison of image segmentation algorithms

For a given image, edge segmentation algorithm based on OpenCV threshold display test. Require the installation of Opencv, the environment variable is set correctly. Install pythonxy....

Single-target tracking

Using compressed sensing method, implements single target tracking algorithm in dynamic scenes, real-time performance is very good, when after you determine the target area and target tracking. In the config.txt file determines the target area....

Single-target tracking and counting

Based on background subtraction using and understanding on three frame differencing method, using three frame differencing to retrieve the target profile, detected will count the number of high recognition rate....

Ffmpeg source code

Application backgroundA multicast address to the client to join, "multicasting" can also be called "multicast" in the application of network technology is not a lot of, online video conference, online video on demand is especially suitable for the multicast. Because if the unicast way, one by one no...

Particle filter tracking target based on OpenCV

Application backgroundParticle filtering method is defined by searching for a group spread in state space random sample to approximate the probability density function of, to the sample mean instead of integral operation, so as to obtain the minimum variance state distribution of the process.Key Tec...

Gray scale electronic image stabilization using OpenCV

Application backgroundThe electronic image stabilization based on gray scale is derived from the network itself.Can be achieved for a number of resolutions but can only deal with the stability of the left and right side of the movement caused by the jitterUsed to study very well.Key TechnologyUse op...

X265 source code

Application backgroundX265 official website address need tools to downloadTortoiseHgEnter the command lineClone Hg  Key TechnologyX265 is an open source project, the deve...

TS package format analyzer

Application backgroundTS full name is MPEG 2 Stream Transport (MPEG2), widely used in radio and television systems, such as digital TV, as well as IPTV. My project is small, the main can be used to study the structure of TS package format. In addition it supports the separation of video and audio st...


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