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Classic Hu-Wang model

This C++ program is a software implementation of the voiced speech segregation algorithm, described in detail in the appendix of the following book chapter. This algorithm is a simplified and slightly improved version of their 2004 IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks article. We have included t...

Matlab speech signal processing toolkit

Very comprehensive voice processing Matlab toolbox, covering almost all the common speech processing algorithms, including processing, filtering, enhancement, encoding, and many other functions, ideal for new contacts speech processing work and research staff, but also related to graduate student de...

Audio encoding and decoding process

Voice communications, including voice recording, coding compression, send, decoding and playback of voice, as recorded sound format is wav format, large amounts of data, if sent directly consume a lot of data traffic must be sent through code compression, there is a corresponding decompression algor...

AAC decoding, source code, test available

Accessories for AAC decoder source code, test available, VS2008 test pass....

python plotting for gtk frontend

Python interface with gtk backend supporting threads for audio plotting, good introduction to calculus information visualisation. Optionally supports numeric data buffering/extraction, recording and playback supported only with oss(cygwin,linux,unix)....

digital voice transmission

analog voice is converted into the digital is used for voice transmission over wireless medium using infrared led with short distance...

Harma Syllable Segmentation

HARMASYLLABLESEG - Segments a signal stored in a WAV file into individual syllables. Also graphs the spectrogram and signal with syllables highlighted in red to show what parts of the signal contain syllables....

speaker recognition

speaker recognition based on mfcc and dtw .this technique is used to find the different voices .then we can easily find the exact voice from this operation....

MCI Wave Recorder in Delphi

In this example, it shows that how MCI strings used to record wave from microphone and save it to disk as a file. (editor: please remove previous atach and remove this expl...)...

MP3 STM32 player has no codec

Application backgroundST’s STM32 F1 series of mainstream MCUs covers the needs of a large variety of applications in the industrial, medical and consumer markets. With this series, ST has pioneered the world of ARM® Cortex™-M microcontrollers and set a milestone in the history of embedded...

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