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Amplitude scaling of PWM speech data

Application backgroundWhen the codec for voice data entry and send, you can use this file provides functions for input and output of the PWM voice volume scaling of the data.Key TechnologyThe scaling of the amplitude of the PWM speech data is performed to achieve the purpose of scaling the codec inp...

LabVIEW sine sweep signal generator

Application backgroundUsed to generate a sine sweep signal, I was used to measure the attenuation of sound in the grain, and the correlation between the frequency of the sweep signal and the noise is relatively small, the received waveform is not easy distortion, so the design of the sound transmitt...

Opus official website source code

Application backgroundThe latest opus voice encoding compression standards, support 6kb/s-510kb/s, 2.5ms-120ms, c++, can change rate, the official website source codeKey TechnologySampling rate from 8 kHz (narrowband) to 48 kHz (Quan Pin)Frame size from 2.5 ms to 60 msSupport constant bit rate (CBR)...

Scene matching algorithm for digital hearing aids

Application backgroundAuditory scene matching algorithm is an important research topic in intelligent digital hearing aids. At present, all the algorithms are ideal, but the complexity of the algorithm is generally high and the experimental scene is not much, and is not suitable for real-time and pr...

Real time video voice communication software source code

Application backgroundThis is a real-time video voice communication software source code, has been seen is good, the function is very full, a great help for beginners....

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