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This is the complete CODE and schematics for 2x16 LCD VU meter stereo indicator with PIC16F877A...

Digital volume control ATMEGA8_TDA7313

Complete schematics and code for digital volume control ATMEGA8 TDA7313...

Blind source separation and mixing matrix estimation

Underdetermined blind source separation problem, the first step is mixing matrix estimation, mixing matrix estimation accuracy has great influence, will directly affect the second step. So it is one of the hot issues, this program is a study of three-dimensional case mixing matrix estimation of spee...

VoIP voice servers

An analog voipGateway program, vc development, network ip can call, in line with standard voip, sip protocol...

Audio emotion recognition system

Application backgroundaudio emotion recognition  experiment. 1) execute the random generators programs in order to create our Training and Test sets. 2) create the Experiment-Training set.xlxs and Experiment -Test set files. 3) using the Experiment - Training set.xlxs file will be created, w...

MATLAB,speech signal

Speech signal processing is an important branch of mathematical signal processing code has many digital signal processing method and matlaba functions. Some of the basic methods of the first to fourth chapter of speech signal processing , pre-processing and feature the fifth to ninth chapter describ...

PCM audio format convert to Wav format

Converts PCM format audio to WAV format using VS2008, user interface, convenient operation, easy to use, you can batch convert, the program can be run...

VC prepared by the MP3 player

Written in VC, this is a simple MP3 player. Choose MP3 format music can open file for playback. And play, pause, and so on....

G.723.1 Optimization

G.723.1 optimized code pure c code optimization, performance is good, encoding and decoding algorithms are included; for TI platform and Windows project and test case...

G.7221 speech coding algorithm

Contains the G.7221 speech codec algorithm, a fixed point and floating point versions are VC tool engineering and testing code, partial there are lossless optimization...

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