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MATLAB,speech signal

Speech signal processing is an important branch of mathematical signal processing code has many digital signal processing method and matlaba functions. Some of the basic methods of the first to fourth chapter of speech signal processing , pre-processing and feature the fifth to ninth chapter describ...

PCM audio format convert to Wav format

Converts PCM format audio to WAV format using VS2008, user interface, convenient operation, easy to use, you can batch convert, the program can be run...

Speech signals pitch detection

For pitch detection of speech for Chinese speech, from a transcript from a male and a female, are "everyone is speaking Mandarin." Analog voice with 100~3400 band pass filter to 8kHz digital sampling rate. Take the frame length of 20ms, namely, frames up to 160 samples, fundamental frequen...

VC prepared by the MP3 player

Written in VC, this is a simple MP3 player. Choose MP3 format music can open file for playback. And play, pause, and so on....

G.723.1 Optimization

G.723.1 optimized code pure c code optimization, performance is good, encoding and decoding algorithms are included; for TI platform and Windows project and test case...

G.7221 speech coding algorithm

Contains the G.7221 speech codec algorithm, a fixed point and floating point versions are VC tool engineering and testing code, partial there are lossless optimization...

Sound size measurement

Application backgroundCan judge the size of voice, the voice of the size of a specialized VI to judge, is more suitable in audio company to do the test, there is no professional test team to do the things, so the foreground is very good, I in the spare time wrote this, hoping for a little inspiratio...

LabVIEW sine sweep signal generator

Application backgroundUsed to generate a sine sweep signal, I was used to measure the attenuation of sound in the grain, and the correlation between the frequency of the sweep signal and the noise is relatively small, the received waveform is not easy distortion, so the design of the sound transmitt...

Audio coding and decoding faac+faad

Application backgroundFAAC and FAAD2 is an open source library for audio decoding, FAAC for encoding and FAAD2 for decoding. Good to use, very good source code, you can learn about...

Speech enhancement algorithm based on minimum energy statistics

Application backgroundSpeech is an important carrier of human information communication, but in many voice communication systems will inevitably be subject to noise, including noise and communication transmission equipment internal power noise. Severe noise interference can greatly reduce the intell...

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