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Sound size measurement

Application backgroundCan judge the size of voice, the voice of the size of a specialized VI to judge, is more suitable in audio company to do the test, there is no professional test team to do the things, so the foreground is very good, I in the spare time wrote this, hoping for a little inspiratio...

Audio coding and decoding faac+faad

Application backgroundFAAC and FAAD2 is an open source library for audio decoding, FAAC for encoding and FAAD2 for decoding. Good to use, very good source code, you can learn about...

Speech enhancement algorithm based on minimum energy statistics

Application backgroundSpeech is an important carrier of human information communication, but in many voice communication systems will inevitably be subject to noise, including noise and communication transmission equipment internal power noise. Severe noise interference can greatly reduce the intell...

Chinese word segmentation system

Application backgroundWord segmentation system, the input Chinese sentences by based on the former to the maximum probability matching algorithm and the consequent maximum probability matching algorithm, the Markov chain prediction models to achieve the segmentation of words can be for natural langu...

audio analysis and perfect synthesis model

this code is teaching you how to analysis and synthesis the audio digital signal I use 2 method to implement, one is fft and the other one is mdct(TDAC) the basic idea is same with the AAC filterbank using the mdct transform...

Principle and code realization of IIR filters

Contains principles explained in detail of the IIR filter, including the complete realization of MATLAB code...

WaveIn Rec

this program is for the recorded sound "wav" of the sound card line-in or microphone webcam...

Realization of a scrolling marquee

Description: VC/C++ source code, multimedia technologies, audio A very strong VC recordings procedures, but control is used, it can automatically compress during the recording process has recorded audio as MP3, and recording complete compression is being finalized, it is very suitable for long time...

gps based gsm model

Hi people m female from Mit Manipal i dont want to disclose my name and age here I read Confession #225 and if iam not wrong its abt me ya iam almost sure since its me doing that kip up move at ri8 end f d corner which he mentiond there in his confession and confessor listen dude whoever you are i a...


网上转载的<单片机做的MP3播放器,带芯片资料和字库文件>   无版权,分享给大家研究制作...

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