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LPC10 source

Linear prediction coding LPC speech classical coding, able to predict the excitation signal, while removing dependencies between speech, coded, to minimize the amount of...

Matlab code for digital voice processing and MATLAB simulation

Matlab code for   digital voice processing and simulation of MATLAB   source code download   electronic publishing...

Mel into spectral coefficients

MFCC, Mel Cepstral coefficients extraction of speech signal. MFCC,Mel frequency Cepstral coefficients abbreviation. Mel came from the frequency is based on the human auditory system, and Hz frequency have a nonlinear relationship. Mel-frequency Cepstral coefficients (MFCC) is that the relationship b...

MP3 music player source code

This is a good VC++ the MP3 music player the procedure source code, can play MP3 and so on. -This is a good one on the MP3 muice play and processing program....

Music playback + filter

Python source code, beautiful interface, can achieve music playback, frequency, reverb, draw waveforms, and other functions, the original digital signal processing operations. This article reads wav files through the different sliders adjust the parameters of the function we need to implement and fi...

C # automatic speech

Able to read Chinese or English automatically, has been on reading speed and volume parameter processing, in use for secondary development!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Ogg encoding library libogg++

libogg++ is a C++ library implementing Ogg. It is designed to be independent of the specific codecs for the interleaved data streams...

Able to read texts in English

One can read aloud text inside the VB source code in English, one can read aloud text inside the VB source code in English, one can read the texts in both English and the VB source code, now has 50 words...

ADPCM coding

ADPCM encoding and decoding function callsADPCM encoding. Initializes the encoding, encoding function and the function is called....

Matlab exercises and practice

This is a matlab university practice, which contains a lot of application and practice of the basic knowledge of the MATLAB signal processing, I think there is reference value, especially for the read signal processing (Communication Engineering) students have some help, entry MATLAB, easy to unders...

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