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LabVIEW sound spectrum display

By PC serial port data according to a specific protocol for amplitude and phase spectrum, LabVIEW display receives data received through the serial port and graphics, single receive and automatically receive 2 modes, because using the serial port to transmit data communication speed limit, automatic...

G726 complete Matlab code

G726 standard,24kbps and 40kbps bit rate audio codec algorithm source code, can be directly transplanted to DSP or to do secondary development and packaging....

Compute the pollution-noise sine signal using Wavelet transform

File features: calculate the polluted sine signal using Wavelet transform , one of the continuous Wavelet transform, scale larger, equivalent to the Fourier transform of the w value is smaller. Used with mean 0and variance 1 sequences of Gaussian random white noise sequences...

Pitch detection using auto correlation

I didn't make this source. so I wrote a link of original. I  executed the source. It works great....

Video Audio Conference messenger

Peer to peer audio voice chat in c sharp receiving port: 6000 sending port: 5000 with dll file called voice.dll...

The key algorithm information

SM algorithm is mainly about the contents of In this part of the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm, and involves two types of auxiliary functions: a cryptographic hash function with a random number 器。...

VB recording wav file

Calls the system API, record WAV audio, can be used for normal recording, then turn to format or something like that. Is very useful....

linear predictive coding 10

LPC - 10 because 10 LP coefficients are used.  ¢Bandwidth: 2.4kbps ¢Samples/frame : 180 samples ¢Bits/frame: 54 bits ¢Frame Size: 22.5ms = 44.44 frames/sec ¢Target stream : 8khz sampling rate, 16bit quantization...

linear predictive coding 10

LPC-10, or LPC10 is a Linear Prediction Voice Vocoder that operates at 2.4 Kb/s. The United State Federal Government has standardized many digital voice solutions over HF and VHF/UHF using this Vocoder and standardized as FED-STD-1015. The ANDVT Family of secure voice...

Music, music synthesizer, 12-law

Music, music synthesizer. 12-law 1. piano chord of g we commonly used chord G7. no chords g. why? 2. in music theory chord G7 5724 composed tone 2-tone only 574 omitted and why? (Five-seven chords can save five tone and acoustic) In 12 equal temperament mid frequency G4=392.00H...

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