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Real-time voice communication control

语音通信控件,集成G729A压缩算法,实时传输协议,支持一对一,一对多,多对多的实时通话,话音清晰,流畅!使用简单方便!(1) 利用多线程机制,实现录音、网络传输、放音同时进行。 (2) 网络壅塞处理,保证数据不...

audio segmentation

This code is the one for audio segmentation cluster code is based on code from others, have certain effects for audio segmentation, which you want to project, if you do for speaker identification and speech separation....

Speech separation MATLAB

Speech separation based on Computational auditory scene analysis algorithms, computational auditory scene analysis attempts to use computer technology based on the human auditory and auditory mental process simulation of physiological processes, so that your computer has the process sounds like the...

Microsoft TTSapp source

Microsoft provides circuit pronunciation programming example procedure, implements a text read aloud, die-Microsoft provides programming examples of the voice match process, the realization of the text read, I type matching...

Speech recognition is a c program (based on the Microsoft Speech SDK)

语音识别C程序(基于微软Speech SDK)可以识别“我是学霸”,“你好你好”,“中国制造”,“欢欢喜喜”四条语句。笔者亲写程序,在VS2010编译运行通过,要求系统为windows及以上,并且系统语言为中文。...

G726 audio codec

Provides a case G726 audio codec algorithm including G726 40K,32k,24k,16k encoding, transmission, source code, test passed....

speaker recognition

The aim of this paper is to show the accuracy and time results of a text independent automatic speaker recognition (ASR) system, based on Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients (MFCC) and Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM), in order to develop a security control access gate. 450 speakers were randomly extra...

WINDOWS SDK audio processing

-This sample application uses the Core Audio APIs to capture audio data from an input device specified by the user and writes it to a uniquely named .wav file in the current directory. This sample demonstrates event-driven bufferin...

DirectShow audio samples

DirectShow audio samples: using the DirectShow library for audio capture/recording, very good code as a  separate module can easily be ported to other projects, Share this with you....

Echo cancellation software

Software eliminates the sound echoes, suitable for voice calls to eliminate the echo. Code echo data obtained through the speakers and MIC voice data through analysis and comparison of the cache, use special algorithms eliminate echoes data, so as to achieve the goal of eliminating echo....


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