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Sampling rate conversion

Hi its running code of sample rate conversion for serveral audio files of differen sample rates THank...

MPEG MP3 LAYER3 decoding procedures

MP3 LAYER3 decoding source code, the source contains the decoded code, and sample code, sample code for a console program, running on to enter a program name, space, MP3 file name, a space, the output file name, enter....

Voice transmission is not tone sandhi

To achieve the same speed transfer of voice features, can be widely used in voice transmission, the support of standard PCM audio format...

Digital volume control ATMEGA8_TDA7313

Complete schematics and code for digital volume control ATMEGA8 TDA7313...

VC prepared by the MP3 player

Written in VC, this is a simple MP3 player. Choose MP3 format music can open file for playback. And play, pause, and so on....

Sound size measurement

Application backgroundCan judge the size of voice, the voice of the size of a specialized VI to judge, is more suitable in audio company to do the test, there is no professional test team to do the things, so the foreground is very good, I in the spare time wrote this, hoping for a little inspiratio...

Speech enhancement algorithm based on minimum energy statistics

Application backgroundSpeech is an important carrier of human information communication, but in many voice communication systems will inevitably be subject to noise, including noise and communication transmission equipment internal power noise. Severe noise interference can greatly reduce the intell...

Chinese word segmentation system

Application backgroundWord segmentation system, the input Chinese sentences by based on the former to the maximum probability matching algorithm and the consequent maximum probability matching algorithm, the Markov chain prediction models to achieve the segmentation of words can be for natural langu...

qmf filter bank

Audio/Phone 碼 bian solutions, orthogonal wave 鏡 濾 yeah here is often a moment implement fully furnished apartments for a GE split into two GE 頻 plaster split document into Hao wave 濾 zu . Advises high-pass and low-pass Hao often reduce the letter twice, give 臨 community education m...

Corporate telephone voice recording system

This system is used by East D Series of telephone speech card , Needs to be installed prior to use DJDBDK V3.4.0 Driver , After the driver is installed in the root directory of the program you want to add NewSig.h 、 NewSig.lib 、 djcvt.h 、 djcvt.lib 、 Tc08a32.h 和 Tc08a32.lib 等 6 Two f...


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