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Text to speech conversion source code

Text to speech (Text-to-Speech, hereinafter referred to as TTS), based on the MSTTS, its role is through the TTS engine converts text into speech output. Code illustrates how to use the Microsoft Speech SDK to build your own text to speech applications....

Speech recognition and MP3 player

Application backgroundThrough speech recognition, and through the MP3 playback, support for SD card storage.Key TechnologyLD3320; STM32;   embedded...

HTK Decoder

Large vocabulary speech recognition decoding tool, you can compile under VC2008...

mcbsp for dsk6700

this file is good to  send voice to dsk 6700 and processing of any voice. by this code you can configure the port of dsk  in mcbsp format then by adjusting the aic23 codecs registers you can send a voice to dsk process it and then back it to aic23 and hear it in the output of dsk. it is go...

Speech recognition of master's thesis

First, the speech signal pre-processing and character extraction issues were discussed, and extracted three valid language Characteristic parameters of sound recognition, LPC-cepstrum coefficients-LPC coefficients and the Mel-frequency Cepstral coefficients (MFCC), followed by smoked discusses two c...


调用库函数处理WAV文件,实现语音的识别。 程序包含<vcl.h>,需要使用C++ BUILDER编译。...

Dynamic consolidation

In isolated Word speech recognition, the most simple and effective method is to use DTW (Dynamic Time Warping dynamic time Organizer) algorithm, this algorithm based on dynamic programming (DP) ideas, solve the problem of template matching pronunciation varies, appeared earlier, in speech recognitio...


Hammerstein system identification, which state space subsystem is included to form the linear part of the Hammerstein system....

Voice toolbox for matlab

This file have powerful function that helps you for working on the signal and voice speech processing, LPC and discrete function quantize filter. This is best for processing on voice sound and speech....

Implementation of Spectrum Analyzer in VB

Decode-King and the hero has a spectrum analyzer software player such as Winamp. We can write a multimedia software, always wanted to do this, however, introduced on the Internet that are relatively small, and now with VB made a. I hope to help program. In some places is not perfect, please comment....

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