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function of the FP clustering validity of the final result showed not apply....


libsvm-2.5 code Guide This is a Chinese version of the Support Vector Machine against libsvm source-code Guide 2.5 files, from personal experience, you see libsvm procedures save a lot of time and energy! Very rare!...

Probability under the Importation of Shannon coding, and then output the necessa...

Probability under the Importation of Shannon coding, and then output the necessary parameters and the coding results. Which have nested procedures....


BLOG site design some of the information, including some of the content description...

Compiler principle four-element type

Compiler principle four-element type, very easy to use From Li Tao...

Microsoft Visual FoxPro extensions

This file is part of the MyFll.fll file, contains MyFll libraries all descriptions and examples. MyFll is designed specifically for Microsoft Visual FoxPro extensions, some functions from Ren Minghan (RMH myF1) predecessor myDll code provided by translation into as many function using VFP bother loc...

Adaptive MC-CDMA Multiple Channel Estimation and Tracking over Time-Varying Multipath Fading Channels

 Multicarrier code-division multiple access (MC-CDMA) combines multicarrier transmission with direct-sequence  (DS) spread spectrum techniques. In this study, a novel multiple channel estimator, which consists of several  possible channel models and can be self-adjusted...

APS paper Wizard

Simply put, active competition for limited resources . 供应链管理主要是:(1)管理活动 :生产, 采购, 发运或 仓储产品 ( 2 ) Management resources = 机器 , 人 , Material or money What is optimization of three questions 1 That defines decisi...

Winfrom+ embedded word, Excel source code to achieve

Use controls, PPT and EXCEL, WORD methods displayed in the window. This project needs to compile VS2010 or more. In C # language development....

Generate multilevel directory, make a CSV file

Python2.7 wrote Multi-level directory 的代 Code, you can copy and paste, make a CSV file . Just need to have more than one folder can be entered as a parameter. Note: you will need to add IPL1.1.7....

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