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Text topic models

LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) of text classification, bin store the compiled class file, lib in args4j-2.0.6.jar,models in repositories have been built topic models example, src the source files. When I use jar files on the project, directly jgibblda under src packages in the project....

PDF text extraction c # source

1. using xpdf3.04 in the of pdftotext function to extraction PDF file in the of text; 2.pdftotext original for control Taiwan application program, to c++/CLR interface, easy. NET calls; 3. increased pdftotext extraction parameter set interface, can in. NET calls shí itself set; 4. can extraction PD...

Using MuPDF, the PDF into PNG format images

Application backgroundMuPDF turn PNG picture, the speed is very fast, the effect is also very good. If you need other format images, you can convert PNG to other formats, this transfer of picture format many libraries and VC + + can be used directly CImage, very convenient, also can directly use CIm...




MIMO system, antenna selection algorithm for a detailed script! There are PPT simulation program and simulation map!...


The program focus on that it utilize the DDS core embedded in the ISE to generate the sigle sinusoid signal and this program have acess to the posted simulation!...

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