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Optical fiber coupler in the simulation of optical soliton transmission using matlab __ optical solitons in optical fiber coupler in the transmission process simulation....

课程设计中首先采用Ising model的思想建立一个二维的模型,然后利用重要性抽样和Monte Carlo方法及其思想模拟铁磁...

First of all, curriculum design idea of the Ising model used to establish a two-dimensional model, the importance of sampling and then use Monte Carlo simulation methods and their idea of ferromagnetic- paramagnetic phase transition process. Paramagnetic material calculated average energy Ev, heat c...


Video grasp frame to achieve in a row can play video inside or immediately obtain access to the frame. And can deal with the frame...


with what Delphi background Monitoring Software...


A doctoral thesis on the fluent, the content is comprehensive...

(一)功能要求: (1) 信息维护: 要求:学生信息数据要以文件的形式保存,能实现学生信息数据的维护。此模块包括子模块有:增加学生信息、删除学生信息、修...

(1) functional requirements : (a) maintaining information : Request : Student data to information in the form of a document preservation, Students can achieve the maintenance of information and data. This module, including sub-modules are : increased student information, delete information of studen...

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