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Contains a moving target detection on the many excellent papers, made a number of new and effective ways to...

panoramic image mosaic and a rapid optimization algorithm Panoramic Image Stitch...

panoramic image mosaic and a rapid optimization algorithm Panoramic Image Stitching technology a panorama fast algorithm for generating and realization of a fully automatic solid fusion algorithm Image Stitching...

利用单片机实现无创血压的测量 我做设计时的参考资料

Realize the use of single-chip non-invasive measurement of blood pressure when I make the design reference...

神经网络算法神经网络BP算法(C程序) 神经网络BP算法(C程序)

Neural network algorithm BP neural network algorithm (C program) neural network BP algorithm (C program)...


A simulation using the ns2 wireless article for them to learn from reference...


Treasury SPCE061ALQFP Packaging: LQFP80...

to develop large

to develop large-scale 3D games yet this is a rare book, lay the foundation to look at. (Windows, dx9, c)...

Xilinx公司 Virtex4 FPGA官方评估板的电路原理图和相应的PCB文件。是Virtex FPGA硬件电路设计的典范参考设计。其中,PCB文件是PAD...

Xilinx company official Virtex4 FPGA evaluation board circuit schematic diagram and the corresponding PCB document. Virtex FPGA is the hardware circuit design model for reference design. Which, PCB document format PADS....

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