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Intelligent dynamic image tracking controlled cars, intelligent tracking program!...

The DSKs or eZdspTM LF2407 and the DMC1500 make up a table top motor developme...

The DSKs or eZdspTM LF2407 and the DMC1500 make up a table top motor development system which allows engineers and software developers to evaluate certain characteristics of the TMS320F240, TMS320F243, and TMS320LF2407 DSPs to determine if the processor meets the designers application requirement...


In the J2EE environment for college students under the Comprehensive Assessment System Design and Implementation...


K-means algorithm of an improved algorithm is simple and practical, but a bit simple....


function of the FP clustering validity of the final result showed not apply....


libsvm-2.5 code Guide This is a Chinese version of the Support Vector Machine against libsvm source-code Guide 2.5 files, from personal experience, you see libsvm procedures save a lot of time and energy! Very rare!...


BLOG site design some of the information, including some of the content description...

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