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Windows TTF字体格式结构及读取源程序,通过简单修改就可以用在自己的程序中。...

Windows TTF fonts structure and format to read the source, through simple modification can be used in the process....

Online shopping system

Shop-Script PRO is an advanced PHP shopping cart software, which provides most demanded ecommerce facilities. Shop-Script PRO provides everything you need to establish a professionally looking and profitable online store....

图的邻接矩阵、邻接表、十字链表、邻接多重链表存储结构表示及其创建算法的c语言实现 图的深度优先搜索遍历算法和图的广度优先搜索遍历算法及C语言实现...

the adjacency matrix, the adjacent table, Cross Chain, Listless multiple adjacent storage structure and said the creation algorithm in C Language map of the depth-first traversal algorithm and search a broad plan Search priority traversal algorithm and C Language...


The following function LoadBmpFile, its function is from a. Bmp file to read data (including the BITMAPINFOHEADER, palette and the actual image data), its stored in a global memory handle hImgData, this hImgData will in the future plans used as treatment procedures. At the same time, fill out a type...

Create a orthotropic material by ANSYS

FINISH /CLEAR,NOSTART /TITLE,Modified timberlog coordinates /CONFIG, NRES, 1000000 /PREP7   ! Units used ! m, N, s, kg, Pa, m/s, m/(s^2), kg/(m^3), W /UNITS,SI !! Define local element type ! ET, ITYPE, Ename, KOP1, KOP2, KOP3, KOP4, KOP5, KOP...

C++ personnel management system

Personnel management system by simple structure editing, including add, delete, modify, search, etc, with the most simple way to complete the more complex operations...


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