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python all basic programs

python all basic programs such as list,array,directory,add,update,delete fuctionality with snapshot of outputs...

中国象棋online web版的线上棋牌游戏。 能建房间,更改玩家名称,在游戏中发送即时消息等。 本次更新:修正了一些错误;增加观察者模...

Online web version of Chinese chess board games online. Able to build the room, change the players name at the game, such as send instant messages. The Update: Fixed some errors increase in observer mode home room to increase auto-update information short message optimization. Installation Method...

Windows TTF字体格式结构及读取源程序,通过简单修改就可以用在自己的程序中。...

Windows TTF fonts structure and format to read the source, through simple modification can be used in the process....

With the motion control system Punta neck development, can combine the PC platfo...

With the motion control system Punta neck development, can combine the PC platform as a result of secondary development, it gradually from its source of data entered manually or taught, steering compatible mapping software generated a large number of graphics image files. Such as: CorlDraw, AutoCAD,...

课程设计(电子商务系统) 对于典型的数据库管理系统,尤其是对像电子商务这样的数据流量特别大的网络管理系统,必须要满足使用方便、操作灵活等设计需求。本系统在设...

Course Design (e-commerce system) for typical database management system especially for e-commerce such as the flow of data is particularly large network management system must meet the user-friendly, operational flexibility design needs. In the design of the system should meet the following objecti...


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