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A large font library visit procedures, similar to shxvier

I wrote a large font library visit procedures, similar to shxvier. a simple display of some of the major application-oriented font, font Index location code with the order made adjustments interested let's see it. ^ _ ^...

Windows TTF字体格式结构及读取源程序,通过简单修改就可以用在自己的程序中。...

Windows TTF fonts structure and format to read the source, through simple modification can be used in the process....

Online shopping system

Shop-Script PRO is an advanced PHP shopping cart software, which provides most demanded ecommerce facilities. Shop-Script PRO provides everything you need to establish a professionally looking and profitable online store....

National Urban JSON data packets

Application background2015 the latest national province, the city JOSN data packets, not the database data ohSupport WEB development in the JS data call to achieve the provincial urban three linkage menuThe number and the number of the province's urban areas, support for the number of Pinyin and Chi...


The following function LoadBmpFile, its function is from a. Bmp file to read data (including the BITMAPINFOHEADER, palette and the actual image data), its stored in a global memory handle hImgData, this hImgData will in the future plans used as treatment procedures. At the same time, fill out a type...


Superobjectv1.2.4 SuperObject is open source Delphi JSON toolkit that generates a JSON data and conduct JSON parsing...


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