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Spirit LED screen C#DEMO program (PC PC side)

LED control card program offers a simple DEMO, interface of dynamic and static text effect...

Reversing radar -- two ultrasonic ranging module

Hardware systems, LED display module, the module includes an ultrasonic transceiver module ,LED display module, Sound and light alarm module, STC89C52 MCU module. Software main program flow chart, including the main program flow chart, timer interrupt subprogram, an external interrupt subprogram.I...

TM1623 Source Code

     STM32 Drive TM1623 include Display and KeyScan function.   This Program can be used in CortexM3&CorteXM4, But you need to change the function into CortexM4 when you used it ....

SSD1305 driver source code

Through extensive testing, stable and reliable, can be used for chip-driven SSD1305 51 single-chip computer control LCD. SPI interface simulated by c, 51 and SSD1305....

ADE7758 and MSP430 MCU communication

ADE7758 and communication problems between the MSP430 microcontroller, SPI serial communications, and power parameters of voltage and current power and other related acquisition can be achieved ......

Fourier transform algorithm

Electric power industry, AC analog sampling Fourier transform algorithm. Can effectively filter out harmonics, speed up the calculation time. In the power industry, after the current, voltage, etc. gathering up the exchange amount, depending on the value of sampling points per period, you can get cu...


Electrical Schematic Diagram for the STM32F103VE mini development board,  with SD card ,  TFT, serial and USB interfaces.You can use this schematic as reference to make new project or to use this board....

Simple c language source code for digital filter algorithm

This project is 10 simple digital filters in c language algorithms and source code. Welcome to download and use. Thank you all for your support....

stm32f10x GPIO

#include <stm32f10x_lib.h>             #include "STM32_Init.h"      int main (void)  {   int i=0;   stm32_Init();   // Init System   GPIOB->CRL = 0x22222222; // bit0~7  output(push-pull)   GPIOB-&...

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