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STM32 based MODBUS source (FreeRTOS system)

Application backgroundBased on the MODBUS STM32 source code, can be directly and serial communication (support 03 and 06)...

PS2 Keyboard program

Contains the keyboard scan, and PS2 Keyboard communication programs, 51 kernel SCM drive PS2 interface implementation programs, can make single-chip patch PS2 interface devices (such as mouse, keyboard), everyone can learn from it!...

Low-cost single-phase State grid smart meter source code

RSOC programme integrates E2P the low cost plan, State grid of single-phase Watt-hour meter program. Includes LCD display module source, press the module, the DL645 communication module, measurement module, calendar clock, ESAM cryptographic module, the event logging module. It is a multifunctional...

STM32 stepper motor control

This program is suitable for IAR-STM32F103ZE-EK development board, including the port programming, interrupt control, LCD driver and stepper motor control;...


Application backgroundSmart Home SystemKey TechnologyThings, according to the MQTT protocol, there are corresponding to the host computer, has initially made a system, is not perfect....

Stm32f4 microcontroller wheel balance car source

Application backgroundBased on stm32f4 microcontroller MPU6050_dmp program, automatic balancingKey TechnologyStm32f4 single chip microcomputerMpu6050Balancing vehicle technologyAngle algorithmBalancing algorithm...

STM32 OrCAD library

This is a well containing stm32 including schematics produced some common libraries can be imported directly into orcad use, and can be modified, contains all the current stuff pcb common...

Stm3210-eval+DM9051 uCOS+LwIP implementing phone connections and iPerf speed test

Stm32f103 development platform, using the SPI interface, external connected with DM9051 100Mbps high-speed web chips, in the uCOS-II + LwIP system, implementing the Web Server, DHCP Client, STMP, iPerf and phone connection control. Source codes were developed under Keil 4.0, DM9051 SP...


The project's properties: One Ch ADC measure for Temperature (Pin is PA3) and send the data on UART1. And Led Blink....

STM32 driver ov7620

Stm32 car based control program using ov7620 camera. This is a complete smart car can run the program.To get information from the track by setting a good ov7620 GPIO, NVIC, USART, TIMER etc. stm32 typical peripherals, and then back through the analog processing serial port to receive data integratio...

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