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BME280 Combined humidity and pressure sensor codes

BME280 is a DIGITAL HUMIDITY, PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE SENSOR. The humidity sensor provides an extremely fast response time for fast context awarenessapplications and high overall accuracy over a wide temperature range.The pressure sensor is an absolute barometric pressure sensor with extr...

bemf BLDC control Board in stm8

stm8 control in bemf or hall。PID control with Current and Speed....

Thermal printer driver source code

High speed thermal printer driver source code, including how to call library, shipping characters, drive motor, driven cutter, including initialization codes, check the cutter location code, printing control character width, fonts are stored in Flash...


Application backgroundSmart Home SystemKey TechnologyThings, according to the MQTT protocol, there are corresponding to the host computer, has initially made a system, is not perfect....

Px4 flight control procedures

Application backgroundPx4 program can run fixed wing, rotor and other aircraft, but also many people to develop, there are many useful algorithms, such as the expansion of the Calman filter, iterative method, and so on. Can GPS positioning, GPS, etc., and so on, hoping to help youKey TechnologyC++ p...

GPRS remote communication software

GPRS data link link PPP dial-up network status query, stop a network automatically, the data retroactively to save recovered data on the network, even the data transfer, network maintenance, heart maintenance, upstream and downstream data to pick up...

Nandflash management

A nandflash management modules, according to nandflash features a physical block to mapping virtual block, no wear balanced algorithm implemented. A nandflash management module, according to the characteristics of nandflash implements the mapping of physical block to the virtual block, no wear e...

100 cases of c language source code is based on single-chip microcomputer PIC

100 cases of c language source code is based on single-chip microcomputer PIC MCU c language source code of 100 cases based on PIC MCU c language source code of 100 cases based on PIC single-chip microcomputer based on 100 cases of c language source code PIC...


 for read and write eeprom(flash bank ) in stm 32 f 407 tested for f407ig  At this stage the microcontroller clock setting is already configured,        this is done through SystemInit() function which is called from startup     ...

Stm32f4+CC1200 example

This program is based on the stm32f4 library implementation, specific functionality for using SPI Control CC1200 data sent or received...

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