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3D printing control program

3D printing control platform based on atmega2560, its programming by C++ language, achieved on motor control, speed and precise control printers work...

Px4 flight control procedures

Application backgroundPx4 program can run fixed wing, rotor and other aircraft, but also many people to develop, there are many useful algorithms, such as the expansion of the Calman filter, iterative method, and so on. Can GPS positioning, GPS, etc., and so on, hoping to help youKey TechnologyC++ p...


stm32-radio-master This "the magic flute" Internet radio is the RT - thread stop issuing official stm32 radio suite after the first paragraph Have the same function of stm32 radio, we can regard it as the ultimate application of stm32, but more important is can Think of it as a RT - thread e...

STM32 four-axis flight control based on RT-Thread source

This project is based on RT-thread for the STM32 four-axis flight control source, the source is referring to crazyflie of the code, the current basic attitude solution can be achieved, PID control and four-channel remote control data acquisition, PWM output frequency is 50Hz, the sensors include MPU...

bemf BLDC control Board in stm8

stm8 control in bemf or hall。PID control with Current and Speed....

PLC DIY card making

A PLC based on 51 single chip the lower position machine procedure, fully compatible with fx1n plc. Highly integrated c-language learning....

Thermal printer driver source code

High speed thermal printer driver source code, including how to call library, shipping characters, drive motor, driven cutter, including initialization codes, check the cutter location code, printing control character width, fonts are stored in Flash...

Estimation based on EKF- Attitude based on extended Calman attitude solution

Application backgroundThe attitude solution is applied to the real time space attitude of the aircraft and the human body. The spatial position of the pose of the carrier can be reconstructed. The most common use of the aircraft, so that the aircraft can remain stable in space flight. Also included...

ISO15693 protocol read and write code

Application backgroundThis program is written in C language, MCU is 51 microcontroller, ISO15693 card can achieve the read and write functions, easy to learn and develop the use of...

GPRS remote communication software

GPRS data link link PPP dial-up network status query, stop a network automatically, the data retroactively to save recovered data on the network, even the data transfer, network maintenance, heart maintenance, upstream and downstream data to pick up...

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