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LPC1788 touch 7LCD

Application backgroundLPC1788 touch +7 inch LCD display program, learning LPC1788 necessary....

W5500 client mode routines

Application backgroundEthernet chip w5500 is developed by WIZnet, a high performance chip chip, is a new generation of full hardware protocol stack, without the need for implantation of the software stack, so in actual use, has a better security application standard, standard function of the utility...

DS1387 real time clock chip driver

Application backgroundDS1387 real time clock chip driverCan be calculated to 2100 seconds, minutes, hour, day, date, month, year seven calendar information and take a leap year compensation; and comes with a crystal oscillator and lithium batteries. Can work for 10 years without external power suppl...

ZigBee wireless transmission quality detection experiment

Application backgroundZigBee wireless transmission quality detection experiment, learning ZigBee can refer to this classic experiment...

FPGA serial spontaneous self closing

Application backgroundVerilog  FPGA;Serial spontaneous receive data  The baud rate is 9600...

DS1302 program code [using C language]

Application backgroundIf you want to learn DS1302 programming, this information will be inspired by the role of...

Single chip microcomputer simulation traffic light

Application backgroundProgram function, simulation of traffic lights display function. Where the red light and green light each flash 50s, the middle yellow light flashing 15s, just beginning to show the green light, the order of the green light, yellow light and red light show.......

LED dot matrix display design

Application backgroundLED 16X48 dot matrix display design, including the circuit, the driver chip circuit design, the implementation of the LED driver part of the implementation of the display driver, digital, text display, clock display, etc.....

"The design and verification of Verilog HDL" _ Wu Jihua _ CD-ROM (reference code)

Application backgroundThe design and verification of Verilog HDL "Wu Jihua CD-ROM (reference code), the design and verification of Verilog HDL supporting code....


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