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Balanced Car Project Using PID Controller

this project is aimed at making a unbalanced two-wheel car balanced .it is exciting and challenging. my goal is to make the unbalanced car listen to me and go where i want it to go. if i want it stand still,it  must stand not to turn a hair,and i want it turn left ,it would not turn right...


For information on this port - including installation and use instructions, benchmarks, memory requirements, and more, go to at click on the "projects" tab and then click on the "LightWeight IP (LWIP) networking stack" project....

Original STM32F1 oscilloscope

This is AD data acquisition based on single chip analog signals, I was doing an ECG acquisition circuits and STM3 2 on via LCD display...

MBED offline compiling

stm32L053 of nucleo KEIL compiler based mbed offline, you can debug and download....

SD card controller a detailed design examples, documentation

SD card controller a detailed design examples, documents, brought it back, be used in a project. This project consists of 6 modules (clock, writing, route, reading, testing), contains a detailed description of the document....

Wifi_stm32 wireless communications program

you can use wifi ping some ip address without OS...

PLC DIY card making

A PLC based on 51 single chip the lower position machine procedure, fully compatible with fx1n plc. Highly integrated c-language learning....

Stm32 ds301 CANopennode

Application backgroundIs an opensource CANopen Stack. CANopenNodeIs the internationally standardized CAN-based (50325-4 EN) higher-layer protocol for embedded control system. For more information on CANopen see CANopenIs written in ANSI C in object-oriented way. Code is docum...

ISO15693 protocol read and write code

Application backgroundThis program is written in C language, MCU is 51 microcontroller, ISO15693 card can achieve the read and write functions, easy to learn and develop the use of...

STM32 balance car source code

Application backgroundThis is based on the balance of STM32 car source code, there are a lot of control algorithm can be used for everyone to learn and work will be a great help....

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