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Stm32 ds301 CANopennode

Application backgroundIs an opensource CANopen Stack. CANopenNodeIs the internationally standardized CAN-based (50325-4 EN) higher-layer protocol for embedded control system. For more information on CANopen see CANopenIs written in ANSI C in object-oriented way. Code is docum...

FFT rn8302 program

Application background  rn8302; FFT program for calculating harmonic content...

STM32 balance car source code

Application backgroundThis is based on the balance of STM32 car source code, there are a lot of control algorithm can be used for everyone to learn and work will be a great help....

Vcmodbus communication source code

Source code Vcmodbus communication Vcmodbus communication source...


This source is the STM32F103ZET6 embedded microcontroller based on the MPU6050 three-dimensional acceleration sensor data acquisition procedures...

arabic, persian english fonts on ARM(AT91SAM7X256) with keil

this is source codes for showing persian & arabic & english in ARM , with ili9325 LCD....

2416 bare metal drivers SD card FAT32

2,416 core Board c language programming of drivers to detect the SD card FAT32 file system and read FAT32 files...

Atmega16 based PID controller (simulation)

This is GE based on PID controller ATMEGA16 Bible plus 讓 pinholes an authenticated inter-Hao of the passage the ATMEGA16 PORTA Modbus, ASCII ADC ETA conversion form GE 閉 road home and the 響 Ying Seattle 讓 everyone view you can easily see...

STC12C5A60S2 PWM waves output

Written by STC12C5A60S2 3 of PWM waves output, use a timer, press to control the frequency of 1000 Hz to 10,000 Hz. Using an internal 2 timer....

Fingerprint module

Others prepared their integration on the basis of the code, has fully implemented the fingerprint entry, identification, basic features such as admin login, only drawback is the fingerprint images cannot be uploaded from the module SCM (PC) for display, hope to improve....

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