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Library for character LCD specified for LPC1768

This file contains 4 examples for derive a character LCDs with clear comments. This file also contains a picture, which shows how to connect the LCD to micro. With this u can drive your LCD step by step and at the end u can write your own library....

Keil LPC23xx series examples

lpc23xx/24xx--keil common     -- inc -- lpc23xx.h  Definition file of all the registers of LPC23xx     The LPC24xx register definition is also included.  -- irq.h  Interrupt related definitions and API prototyping -- type.h  Type definition -- target.h...

GSM smart home system based on 51 single-chip microcomputer

Based on 51 single chip GSM smart household alarm system, to achieve environmental factors around the testing and send signals to the single chip MCU for processing, and then is sent to the user via GSM text message module, complete the alarm....

Freescale lab code

The file includes the Freescale MC9S12XS128 basic experimental procedures, for learning the starters, has the certain reference value, The program includes basic modules such as I/O,AD,PWM,ECT,PIT,SPI,SCI,CAN,IIC, is a very good information....

STM32 SPI connect with Nokia 5110 3110 LCD

Stm32f407 stm32f4 discoverary Nokia 5110 3110 spi2 connection LCD Development Board, shows the text  display....


The example is 4.3 inch LCD (SDRAM 128Mbit) for LPC1788. This example describes how to use GLCD on LPC177x_8x...

LPC1788 , GPIO interrupt

This example describes how to use GPIO interrupt function. This example used to test GPIO interrupt function...

LCD in STM32

This is the program to configure the LCD in STM32. The program is written in KEIL...


STC microcontroller SMBUS communication MLX90614 infrared temperature sensor, andThe main purpose of this document is to describe how to achieve the MCU and infrared thermometer MLX90614's SMBus communications, and a brief description of the use of the microcontroller's PWM output pulse MLX90614 mea...

GPRS communication program

ARM 2440 controls the transmission GPRS source, including GPRS data transmission, receiving, sending and receiving text messages, parsing, delete, telephone call, and other functions....

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