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Spirit LED screen C#DEMO program (PC PC side)

LED control card program offers a simple DEMO, interface of dynamic and static text effect...

SPI communications in DMA mode

This is one based on the STM32 's program files, SPI communication via DMA modes, some functions according to their own needs to add their own, some pins slightly modified according to their own circumstances....

Stm32f103 blutooth hc05

this project drive hc05 blutooth module to send and recieve data to other blutooth device in master and slave mode...

ADE7758 and MSP430 MCU communication

ADE7758 and communication problems between the MSP430 microcontroller, SPI serial communications, and power parameters of voltage and current power and other related acquisition can be achieved ......

Glcd with LPC1788

this code show that how to run GLCD with LPC1788 & SRAM (K4S561632C_32M_16BIT)...

Ucos_ii transplant in STM32F103RBT6

Ucos_ii STM32F103RBT6 minimum system of transplant, contain minimal system schematics, file integrity,  the Keil compiler download...

ARM based lcd program by Er.Shivam Gupta

This program i created for ARM processor i want to control my lcd with ARM processor i have use ARM 32bit lpc2124 processor i connect the lcd on port 0 on 8-bit mode and read the analog value from the variable resistor and adc convert it into digital and show adc value on lcd in terms of voltage....

Library for character LCD specified for LPC1768

This file contains 4 examples for derive a character LCDs with clear comments. This file also contains a picture, which shows how to connect the LCD to micro. With this u can drive your LCD step by step and at the end u can write your own library....

Keil LPC23xx series examples

lpc23xx/24xx--keil common     -- inc -- lpc23xx.h  Definition file of all the registers of LPC23xx     The LPC24xx register definition is also included.  -- irq.h  Interrupt related definitions and API prototyping -- type.h  Type definition -- target.h...

GSM smart home system based on 51 single-chip microcomputer

Based on 51 single chip GSM smart household alarm system, to achieve environmental factors around the testing and send signals to the single chip MCU for processing, and then is sent to the user via GSM text message module, complete the alarm....

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