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The example is 4.3 inch LCD (SDRAM 128Mbit) for LPC1788. This example describes how to use GLCD on LPC177x_8x...

LPC1788 , GPIO interrupt

This example describes how to use GPIO interrupt function. This example used to test GPIO interrupt function...

LCD in STM32

This is the program to configure the LCD in STM32. The program is written in KEIL...


STC microcontroller SMBUS communication MLX90614 infrared temperature sensor, andThe main purpose of this document is to describe how to achieve the MCU and infrared thermometer MLX90614's SMBus communications, and a brief description of the use of the microcontroller's PWM output pulse MLX90614 mea...

GPRS communication program

ARM 2440 controls the transmission GPRS source, including GPRS data transmission, receiving, sending and receiving text messages, parsing, delete, telephone call, and other functions....

Usb Video Class(UVC)Demo

Usb Video Class (UVC) Demo.USB UVC device for LPC armFor the development of camera firmware source code.The realization of the basic UVC code.C source code....

Verilog implementation of ARM9 core

Using Verilog HDL language written in an integrated ARM9 processor, can be integrated, for soft-core design and development has great reference value, can be transplanted to the xlinx,Altera FPGA chip platform....

MSP430f149 drive SD card read/write txt or FAT system binaries

MSP430f149 drive SD card fat binary file system read/write txt or   can run effect is  . txt is created in the SD card. bat file   note that SPI port P5...

LCD driver code

LCD driver source code. Driver for ST7586S. Contains write the package showed the pictures to look at, words, lines of various functions. Strings, strings and everything. People to look at it....

Based on STemwin of the STM32F103, the use of the capacitive screen to obtain the coordinates of the interrupt mode

Application backgroundThe code can be used for embedded graphics interface design, industrial control, etc.. Users can modify or design their own applications in their own. (compressed package with hardware information, users can refer to)Key TechnologyThe test code using the punctual atomic 4.3 inc...

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