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FFT rn8302 program

Application background  rn8302; FFT program for calculating harmonic content...

WIFI control ESP8266 8 GPIO

Application backgroundThis procedure is mainly controlled by 1 GPIOThe control GPIO0 is GPIOWhether it is 1 or 1 and 12 models can be used to modelRead this program to understand how to operate the GPIO ESP8266 to achieve wireless control...

STM32F10x series driver 0.96OLED (SSD1106) display (SPI), pro test can be used

Application backgroundResource descriptionResource descriptionSTM32F10x series driver 0.96OLED (SSD1106) display (SPI), pro test can be usedFunction description  : OLED 4 interface demonstration routines (STM32 Series)  / /            :    / /  ...

RSA encryption C language source code

Application backgroundRSA encryption algorithm library functions, which have C file and H file, encryption and decoding, and so are the functions of the package is good, direct call can be, I tried to use mdk5...

STM8 fengchi STM8 register of open source version of the routine

STM8, fengchi STM8 register of open source version of the routine, I2C driver /******************** (C) COPYRIGHT fengchi iCreate Embedded Development Studio ******************** * File name: main.c * Description: serial communication * Platform: iCreate Development Board STM8 * Regis...


SPI STM32f103RBT6 Comunication SPI with a LCD and one acelerometer  comunicação com lcd e um acelerometro num ARM Cortex m3 placa STM32F103RBT6. Codigo em c utilizanto bibliotecas do ARM...


Test GPIO.  Turn on LED and turn off LED to test GPIO. I upload this to get point. It's not useful for you. :))...

Ethernet W5100 driver

****************************************************************************** * @file W5100.c * The present document consists of 5 parts: *   1. Class W5100 *   2. Class W5100 Socket *   3. Socket connection * If Socket is set to TCP server mode, the call Socket_...


This example provides a description of how to program the STM32F4xx FLASH. After Reset, the Flash memory Program/Erase Controller is locked. To unlock it, the FLASH_Unlock function is used. Before programming the desired addresses, an erase operation is performed using the flash erase sector fe...

pwm sine.c

/*PWMSine.c This program illustrates how to use the PWM on Channel 4 in a single edge mode to output a sinusoid on the PWM channel. PCLK is set to 15MHz and there is no prescaling so that the PWM clock is at 15MHz. The base rate is set to 100H which is 256 base 10 so the base PWM frequency is a...

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