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Low-cost single-phase State grid smart meter source code

RSOC programme integrates E2P the low cost plan, State grid of single-phase Watt-hour meter program. Includes LCD display module source, press the module, the DL645 communication module, measurement module, calendar clock, ESAM cryptographic module, the event logging module. It is a multifunctional...

Stm32f4 microcontroller wheel balance car source

Application backgroundBased on stm32f4 microcontroller MPU6050_dmp program, automatic balancingKey TechnologyStm32f4 single chip microcomputerMpu6050Balancing vehicle technologyAngle algorithmBalancing algorithm...

STM32F103VC using FSMC joind HY35A SSD1963 Display and Touchpad

This is just an example project, written in "C" by using the Keil µVision 4.xx and MDK 4.72; how the SSD1963 3.5 " TFT-Display (HY35A) is programmed and joined via FSMC-Bus.  ...

STM32 integrated project

This comprehensive projects, eBooks, music player, digital photo frame, clock, system, Application Center Setup, FC game console, radio, notebook, runner, 3D, hand-brush, a camera, a tape recorder, USB connection, TOM cat, Wireless book, calculator....

STM32 four-axis flight control based on RT-Thread source

This project is based on RT-thread for the STM32 four-axis flight control source, the source is referring to crazyflie of the code, the current basic attitude solution can be achieved, PID control and four-channel remote control data acquisition, PWM output frequency is 50Hz, the sensors include MPU...

PLC DIY card making

A PLC based on 51 single chip the lower position machine procedure, fully compatible with fx1n plc. Highly integrated c-language learning....

Thermal printer driver source code

High speed thermal printer driver source code, including how to call library, shipping characters, drive motor, driven cutter, including initialization codes, check the cutter location code, printing control character width, fonts are stored in Flash...

Estimation based on EKF- Attitude based on extended Calman attitude solution

Application backgroundThe attitude solution is applied to the real time space attitude of the aircraft and the human body. The spatial position of the pose of the carrier can be reconstructed. The most common use of the aircraft, so that the aircraft can remain stable in space flight. Also included...

GPRS remote communication software

GPRS data link link PPP dial-up network status query, stop a network automatically, the data retroactively to save recovered data on the network, even the data transfer, network maintenance, heart maintenance, upstream and downstream data to pick up...

Nandflash management

A nandflash management modules, according to nandflash features a physical block to mapping virtual block, no wear balanced algorithm implemented. A nandflash management module, according to the characteristics of nandflash implements the mapping of physical block to the virtual block, no wear e...

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