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STM32F4xx I2C soft

This project is written in Keil. The ARM processor STM32F417 Used library STM32F4xx_StdPeriph_Driver. Software implementation of I2C....


Example porting LWIP microcontroller LPC1788 120MHz NXP LPC1788FBD208ARM Cortex-M3 32-bitMicrocontroller - CPU Internal 512kBytes of Flash, 96 kBytes of SRAM and 4 kBytes of EEPROM - Onboard 128MBytes Nand Flash and 32MBytes SDRAM - 1 USB2.0 Host Full-speed Port and 1 U...

TEST of STM32F103VC, FSMC, SSD1963, emWIN, CoOS V2

This just a demo of emWIN graphic lib from ST, joinded by an SSD1963 TFT-Driver, 4 AD-CHannles supported by DMA, values outprinted by RS232 and generated a CAN Frame. The IDE from Keil is used - any other GCC should work....

PS2 Keyboard program

Contains the keyboard scan, and PS2 Keyboard communication programs, 51 kernel SCM drive PS2 interface implementation programs, can make single-chip patch PS2 interface devices (such as mouse, keyboard), everyone can learn from it!...

DSPC6748 routine

Latest DSP6748 routine, it is all in my own boards have all been tested, no problems. Suitable for people who just started learning DSP6748 use code annotated, easy to understand. Latest DSP6748 routine, it is all in my own boards have all been tested, no problems. Suitable for people who just start...


The project's properties: One Ch ADC measure for Temperature (Pin is PA3) and send the data on UART1. And Led Blink....

STM32 stepping motor SPWM subdivision control, matlab simulation

Application backgroundOnline see the corresponding algorithm, programming with STM32 out to share with you, there are few online resources that can be used in the STM32 subdivision control of stepping motor, at low speed, low noise and more accurate, equivalent to the step motor driveKey TechnologyS...

STM32F103VC using FSMC joind HY35A SSD1963 Display and Touchpad

This is just an example project, written in "C" by using the Keil µVision 4.xx and MDK 4.72; how the SSD1963 3.5 " TFT-Display (HY35A) is programmed and joined via FSMC-Bus.  ...

STM32 driver ov7620

Stm32 car based control program using ov7620 camera. This is a complete smart car can run the program.To get information from the track by setting a good ov7620 GPIO, NVIC, USART, TIMER etc. stm32 typical peripherals, and then back through the analog processing serial port to receive data integratio...

3D printing control program

3D printing control platform based on atmega2560, its programming by C++ language, achieved on motor control, speed and precise control printers work...


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