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SPI communications in DMA mode

This is one based on the STM32 's program files, SPI communication via DMA modes, some functions according to their own needs to add their own, some pins slightly modified according to their own circumstances....


Test GPIO.  Turn on LED and turn off LED to test GPIO. I upload this to get point. It's not useful for you. :))...

ETC test scripts

ETC test scripts The script application ETC Yes COS issued an order for the first time and feedback Friends to develop OBU, OBU issued equipment, very useful tool...

STM32-related applications

Applications, it is mainly about the STM32 's basic and simple to learn to use the STM32, some program examples, essentially involves the STM32 design process needs to...

Simple c language source code for digital filter algorithm

This project is 10 simple digital filters in c language algorithms and source code. Welcome to download and use. Thank you all for your support....

STM32 based attitude heading reference system

this souce code is about attitude heading reference system developed on stm32f103 . it uses kalman filter algorithm to get self attitude by 9-dof sensors (3-dof accelerater and 3-dof gyroscope and 3-dof magnetometer) .it can get attitude at 200Hz...

Color OLED,stm32f10x

lcd led oled LCD display driver, to achieve draw point, draw graph...

78F1166 multi-function three-phase meter source code, batch

Multifunctional three-phase a table manufacturers developed using 78F1166 complete source code, source code of each module is complete and mass production....

Cold fire smart car program

Freescale Semiconductor smart car race of Shandong Provincial Division-optical group programs. Which contains the AD, the linear CCD, motors, servo drivers, as well as a small amount of algorithms. Contains the debugging process and results. Convenient for beginners to learn. Perfect for student int...

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