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PIC PCC process

Talk more, share more I need enc28j60+PIC program right now, but the integration is not enough. Thank you, I'm a rookie, everyone can contain...

Matrix keyboard detection

Tianxiang 51 singlechip tutorial entry source Running water lights C language matrix keyboard testing complete source code...

Regular lights LED

MCU Development Board controlled by single-chip LED lamps, LED lights to achieve regular, implement pictures such as holiday lights, very nice...

Configure STM PWM

This example shows how to configure the TIM1 peripheral to generate 7 PWM signals with 4 different duty cycles (50%, 37.5%, 25% and 12.5%).TIM1CLK = SystemCoreClock, Prescaler = 0, TIM1 counter clock = SystemCoreClockSystemCoreClock is set to 72 MHz for Low-density, Medium-density, High-density...


Application background Arm stm32f407vg ile pwm cikis kit:stm32f4-Discovery 2015 100pin Key TechnologyaRM STM32F4 kit:stm32f4-Discovery versiyon:4.05 ara:456897 st:gth65777 df:567yu...


Application background #include "ST7920.h" #include <htc.h> #include "font.h" #include "string.h"   void lcd_wr_byte(unsigned char command) {         DB4_TRIS = 0;     &nbs...

stc12c5axx pwm

using timer to control DC also adjust the PWM wave,control the light of the ledpress K1,PWM value increase,and DC reduce,led be more darkerpress K2,PWM value reduce,and DC increase,led be more lighter...

Atomic Development Board serial port experiments

STM32F103ZET6 the atom development boards, chip 5 serial function serial implements routines, remapping, some remapping, just modify the contents of the comment function...

Serial communication example

Application backgroundSCM application is an example.Applied to single chip microcomputer.Key TechnologyCan run fasterEffectivePractical...


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