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Basic framework of 3D development based on c# and skyline

Application backgroundOpen SkylineWeb.sln with fly, load VS2010 file, modify the web.config file, which lists some of the basic functions of the skyline two.Key TechnologyThe above frame use requires that you have learned to use skyline to create a Fly project file, and it will be written in js....

Automatic integration of MDB data

Application backgroundThe source code for implementation of geographic information database (MDB) file data automatic integration and to reduce the geographic information database integration and upgrading of a lot of artificial repetition work, generally divided into data input, data list, the main...

Campus query system, to achieve load map, display map attributes, the shortest path query, two-way query, etc.

Application backgroundUsing VB+MO development of the campus query system, to achieve the load map, display map attributes, the shortest path query, two-way query and other campus query system   .Docx; \curdir   ......

Complete GPS Application

Application backgroundComplete GPS applications, including front-end data acquisition program reads the ephemeris program, single point positioning procedures, differential positioning procedures, RTCM message encoding and decoding program...

A small GIS system written based on VC

Application backgroundThe system does not rely on any third-party support, divided into the landscaping module interface, resource modules, modules, line module, polygon, logic processing module, the module actions base class module and other modules, this resource contains pre-compiled runtime comp...

ArcEngine COM interface-based secondary development

1.ArcEngine reference to the component interface, initialization of the component library, mandated by the interface, create a vector file interface call step...

Bezier curves

Bezier curves (b é zier curve), also known as 贝兹 Curve or a beijiai curve, is a mathematical curve applies to two-dimensional graphics application. Vector graphics software to accurately draw the curve through it, B zier curve segments and nodes composed of nodes are draggable points, lines lik...

Nutation precession calculations

Calculate nutation precession of a C++ program to enter Beijing time, automatically convert Julian day, Julian centuries, and calculate nutation precession pole shift...

IEEE article

this is a article about ns2 implementation and so beutiful code is here and so realiaty code jghbjnkml,;kgjnkml,lhbnjkm,lkjlk;jlkjk;ljl;kj;lkj;lkj;luyghlkjhlk...

Tianjin Intelligent public traffic system

This is a copy of the original intelligent technology jobs, which contains map of Tianjin public transport main logo, and the use of XML to describe identification, a * pathfinding algorithm for public transport network to find, finally writing MFC interface to help human-computer interaction. Code...

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