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Tianjin Intelligent public traffic system

This is a copy of the original intelligent technology jobs, which contains map of Tianjin public transport main logo, and the use of XML to describe identification, a * pathfinding algorithm for public transport network to find, finally writing MFC interface to help human-computer interaction. Code...

Bus route query system

System development is c/s structure of the application, is divided into client and server-side two-tier, the client is not without power input, output devices, but with a certain amount of data processing and data storage capacity, application software reasonable distribution of the data on the clie...

ArcEngine based on VB development examples

Achieving ArcEngine +VB development, navigation, tagging, comments, rendering, buffer analysis and so on. A case study of Taicang city, implement changes in different years GDP statistics....


WhereisMyMac is a utility that help to locate the current location of your mac. It uses the WiFi networks you can see from your current location and correlates that against a database of known locations of WiFi networks....

Pipeline coordinates locating algorithm based on integrated navigation technology

Geographic coordinate positioning question for long distance pipeline, based on integrated navigation technology is proposed and applied magnetic scalar pipeline geography Geographical coordinates of segment information revised pipeline location. The algorithm is based on basic principles of inerti...

MapInfo tab format to SHP format

Data format converter (Mapinfo tab to ESRI shapefile) Use IMUT.exe to achieve the Mapinfo (*tab) formatted data to an ESRI shapefile (*.SHP) file format conversion....

Gaussian negative projection codes

Gaussian the pros and cons of codes, each code has extensive comments can be used by beginners and students who need to write a small program to provide reference and reference!...

IP address attribution analysis of dynamic library

... NET library forms Load the 17monipdb.dat and provides IP address resolution, public string[] Find(string ip)...


This tool can be used directly in eConginition software. you can use it to evaluate a approriate scale for image segmentation in multi-layer.  In the meanwhile, You can find the new tool, as well as the reference to the paper at the same address (ESP2), which have been published an im...

GPS leveling height fitting (Matlab)

Degree program automatically converts degrees, minutes and seconds;GPS coordinates of the original load;Elevation data loading;Elevation automatic fitting;...

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