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Height adjustment with VB program

Height adjustment with VB program, this program was written back when my undergraduate, after personally testing could be done. And the program can be selected according to the distance or number of stations for adjustment of...

Reads the file in tif format code for histograms and thresholding

Reading images in tif format files can display histograms and thresholding...

Nutation precession calculations

Calculate nutation precession of a C++ program to enter Beijing time, automatically convert Julian day, Julian centuries, and calculate nutation precession pole shift...

GIS image file manipulation basic package

Code includes a graphic file read and display the complete program code is the Foundation of a series of operations on graphics files....

Finite-difference modeling

It's about two dimensional wave equation forward modeling of a software! We can discuss next! This program can achieve the seismic wavefield forward modeling calculations, the principle is based on wave equation finite difference method, but there are a lot! Wang will belong!...

Geodetic coordinate transformation to spherical coordinates

Application backgroundIn physical measurement, the geodetic coordinate system is converted to spherical coordinate system. The geodetic coordinate system is based on the coordinates of an ellipsoid, first converted into the center of the earth's Descartes coordinate system, and then converted to the...

According to ellipsoidal geodetic coordinate seeking normal gravity

Application backgroundIn the measurement of the physical force, the gravity anomaly is calculated, and the gravity of the calculated points and the normal gravity of the measuring points are needed. When normal gravity is calculated, it is required to calculate the geodetic coordinates, i.e., longit...


Application background15. Finite difference migration method based on wave equation and simplified wave equation difference. Realization of seismic wave migration by 15 degree shift difference method. The seismic reflection method is according to the on the ground in a certain way of elastic wave ex...


Application backgroundWith improvement of the accuracy of seismic exploration, effect of anisotropy for the conventional Kirchhoff prestack depth migration effect can not be ignored. Studies using P-wave nonhyperbolic reflection travel calculating method of anisotropic parameters, sway sets the arra...

Campus query system, to achieve load map, display map attributes, the shortest path query, two-way query, etc.

Application backgroundUsing VB+MO development of the campus query system, to achieve the load map, display map attributes, the shortest path query, two-way query and other campus query system   .Docx; \curdir   ......


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