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Beijing + Shanghai map SHP files

Can be used with ArcGIS mapping, there is a need to download   and ArcGIS mapping can be used, there is need to download    and ArcGIS mapping can be used, there is a need can be downloaded...

Laser point cloud Las underlying source code (.Net Implementation) documentation and source code

Application backgroundLaser scanning data is read, the lidar data read rendering; in the construction model of 3D laser scanning, geographic information system (GIS) Las data based on DEM, in a mobile testing system is widely usedKey TechnologySupport l laser scanning data to read, rendering; suppor...

Osgeath tutorial

SgEarth is a cross-platform library, you can use Cmake version 2.6.2 or later to compile it.There are three ways you can obtain a osgearth source:Option1: using GITOsgEarth the source code hosted on GitHub, so we need a Git client. Featured TortoiseGit,SVN under Windows Git version of little turtle....

Four parameter algorithm Python code

Because Arcgis provides only three and seven parameters inside the algorithm definition, but in practice may use a method with four parameters and Arcgis supports the Python language for secondary development, providing a four parameter algorithm, as long as the input parameter, you can calculate re...

Python drawing contour

Application backgroundThe code is used for the visualization of Python for 2D contour of raster data, and can strengthen the analysis and understanding of marine data by means of data visualization.. Python is a scripting language, more convenient to use.Key TechnologyThe data processing and renderi...

Based on openlayers to achieve military plotting

Application background1. In fact, the GIS, the network will provide the military plotting functions, such as ArcGIS, hypergraph, MAPGIS; but most of them are non open source, and fees.2. Here would like to thank the hypergraph hypergraph open source plotting expansion symbol library, I use here is t...

Calculation of some point in time, the Sun azimuth and elevation

Enter the local time, the local latitude and longitude (converted to radians), the output height of the Sun (ARC), direction (ARC), the procedures for calculation of Sun position at some point somewhere in the Sun. This algorithm can be ported to embedded devices, as the solar array tracking...

GPS navigation system

Simple vehicle navigation systems, map matching, phone number, unit facilities, optimum path search...

Analysis on GIS buffer algorithm and its implementation

This algorithm is based on the Internet provides a way for the paper, to write your own code to implement buffer algorithm, this algorithm is designed to service your own project, now posted for the convenience of everyone, so that we prevent any more trouble, but make sure you don't as a scholarly...

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