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Friends blog CRM customer relationship management system

System Bo CRM customer management system is a free open source customer relationship management software, released to LGPL agreement. Yii framework development based on high-performance, fully functional, beautiful interface, easy operation, with strong safety and stability. Friends blog CRM, open s...

Decision support sistem

Aplikasi untuk sistem pengambilan keputusan sistem persedian obat pada sebuah toko dengan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman visual basic 6.0...

Billing Software Source Code

Billing Software in Javait contains the following modules,Items ManagementCustomers ManagementStock ManagementBilling ManagementPurchase ManagementStore ManagementInventory Management...

Guidance system train station (ticket LED screen display and control)

Guidance system train station (ticket LED screen display and control)...

VB restaurant ordering system

VB restaurant ordering system, staff management, management of dishes, table booking, billing, discounts inquiry...

wpf visio imitation process modeling tool

WPF design code, and processes that can be simple in a Windows environment...

ASP online test system Access

ASP source online exam, suitable for Web design, programming exercises, the system uses Access database. When IIS is configured to run. Can also download debugging tools to debug the ASP dynamic website to facilitate change, and debugging....

LBF face alignment algorithms c++ Edition

The source code written by c++ and reconstruct the "Face Alignment at 3000 FPS via Regressing Local Binary Features  " face alignment algorithm in the cvpr2014 article....

Library management system

Application backgroundA small student library management system for school environment. Can carry out student information and book information input, delete, modify and some other operations. Simple and practical.Key TechnologyUse C++ programming, use the module, and the virtual functions and databa...

Delphi barcode printing Zebra printer barcode batch printing

Application backgroundDelphi barcode printing Zebra printer barcode batch printing...

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