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Student achievement management system

Student achievement management system based on the c++ language, developed using VC 6.0 platform, including student achievement to add, modify, delete, and the class management class within the student information, course add delete modify...

boiling UDF

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the modeling of forced convection subcoolednucleate boiling using the in-built boiling model available under Eulerian multiphase model.This tutorial demonstrates how to do the following: Generate a single phase ow solution and use the fully-develo...

Qt development under mine-clearing code

Operating system: Window System coded tools: version Qt5.1.1windouw compiler: GCC programming languages: C++ language idea: use QT to provide classes and functions to implement     features: Minesweeper program. features include menus, gameplay, Minesweeper, track record and ranking...

Kmeans algorithm c language

This code is the text read in readout mode, data is the longitude and latitude coordinates transformation of plane coordinates of two-dimensional data. Because the processing of data classification. Achieve this code of the coordinate points of Division....

Vs2012 c # client/server-based leave management system

Vs2012 based on c # of c/s   holiday management system achieved has leave, lapse, personnel vacation information situation displayed database can put in local also can put in Server personnel is divided into clerk, and Chief, and Office approval, led approval clerk submitted applications, first...

Expert system C language

Application backgroundApplication and artificial intelligence expert systemCan provide input and output pages, to achieve human-computer interaction for simple learningKey TechnologyThe expert system based on the production rule is suitable for beginners to learn.It's convenient to understand with a...

VB6 enterprise personnel management system perfect version

Application backgroundVB6 prepared by the enterprise personnel management system. Main functions: file processing staff, the transfer of the enterprise daily attendance, statistical staff salaries, all staff evaluation, Staff Department, report printing, small and medium enterprises brought the comp...

Application of can STM32 bus

Application backgroundCAN as a multi master mode, the network can take the initiative to send information to other nodes in the network at any time.The node only needs to be able to realize the point to point, point to multipoint and the global broadcast, etc.Key TechnologyTo abolish the traditional...

EasyWork project management system for small and medium enterprises to improve efficiency and health

Application backgroundIs nine five times the latest launch of a special for small and medium enterprises to improve the efficiency of the project management system, the system built in task management, project management, log management, document management, management, user management, group manage...

The new Fox bingo game source code

Application backgroundThe Fox network code, all source code, can be used to verify!!!Key TechnologyFox 6603 for other platforms, please transfer, technical exchange group 8990607...

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