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Network O2O platform PHP supermarket system

Application backgroundSimple human nature of a button to install, easy to open your network marketing trip!  system unified data processing interface, PC, mobile devices, micro channel easy data synchronization!  multi terminal display: once installed to meet your PC terminal, mobile phone...

PC based on LabVIEW for remote control of brushless motor

Application backgroundCan be controlled by the serial port of the machine to a given numerical control of the motor speed, applied to the brushless motor or other needs of the computer control of the scene, or through the serial port and wireless transmission module to build a vehicle remote control...

C# and CLIPS nested programming for automotive fault diagnosis system

Application backgroundMainly for preliminary study c# language and clips software language for an example of interactive programming can be a very good explanation c# language called clips intelligent reasoning process, simple explain the data in c# and clips in transmission and interactionKey Techn...

Intelligent agricultural control system written in C#

Application backgroundC# prepared by the intelligent agricultural control system, with real-time monitoring feedback, intelligent control, artificial regulation, and other functions....

A simple family financial management system for graduation design

Application backgroundA simple and practical family financial management system of graduation design, which contains the paper, the source code and a series of resources, the reader can take a look inside the resources, absolutely helpful for you, the content is full and comprehensive....

Family financial management system source code

Application backgroundThis is a set of with abundant resources of family financial software code, which is divided into various modules, inside the function is relatively complete, readers can download study, I believe that the reader is a tremendous help, readers can download the look of their own...

IEEE754 function source release of math -Free library by, Sun Microsystems,

Application backgroundFdlibm: free learning mathematical function library programming the best reference.Copyright (C) 1993 Sun Microsystems Inc., All rights reserved. by  *  * at SunSoft a, Sun Microsystems Inc., business. Developed  * to use Permission, copy, modify, distribute this...

Cloud wind - the soul of the wind 2D game engine

Application backgroundCloud wind - the soul of the soul 2D game engine, a few large network game engine...

Finite element difference method code

Application backgroundFinite element difference method C language programming, can be used to calculate a variety of temperature field, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, including hidden heat source, significant heat source, dengden...

Control attendance in secondary development of source code, c #

Application backgroundMiddle control attendance machine two development source C#One, black and white screen demo C# add the test function1, add EnableUser function test function in userinfo2, add ModifyPrivilege function test function in userinfo3, add GetEnrollDataStr function test function in use...

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