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A simple family financial management system for graduation design

Application backgroundA simple and practical family financial management system of graduation design, which contains the paper, the source code and a series of resources, the reader can take a look inside the resources, absolutely helpful for you, the content is full and comprehensive....

Family financial management system source code

Application backgroundThis is a set of with abundant resources of family financial software code, which is divided into various modules, inside the function is relatively complete, readers can download study, I believe that the reader is a tremendous help, readers can download the look of their own...

Download all the stock price history Python

Application backgroundDownload all historical stock price Python language writing, the network download, and interested friends can download the study.Corp_codes.csv: all company codes and abbreviations from Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange website. Get the date: 20100319.Data/market_cap.csv: ca...

Finite element difference method code

Application backgroundFinite element difference method C language programming, can be used to calculate a variety of temperature field, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, including hidden heat source, significant heat source, dengden...

Control attendance in secondary development of source code, c #

Application backgroundMiddle control attendance machine two development source C#One, black and white screen demo C# add the test function1, add EnableUser function test function in userinfo2, add ModifyPrivilege function test function in userinfo3, add GetEnrollDataStr function test function in use...

voice chat

 dsfsdfsdfsdfsdf  jkljlksdjfklsdjflksdjfs Can any one help me how to do vioce chat and cideo chat in C# .. with client server ... can any one help me out with a source code or some techniques to follow .. Thanks.. waiting 4 ur reply Jul 11 '09 #1...

Complex particle flow model generator

This Fortran code used, based on AutoCAD as an input file directly as PFC model command stream, avoiding the trouble of entering commands one by one, and generate a small amount of granular flow models superimposed, meet pfc2d pretreatment application of geotechnical software....

NX second development instance

An example to introduce a general method to do secondary development on the current high-end 3D CAD software, the entire function is implemented on the part of the parting process by calling NX secondary development interface, and the corresponding c function to achieve parts Select the menu generat...

Movement simulator for mobility prediction

This is the activity model simulator based on the work carried out by planning organizations and uses statistics drawn from five years surveys on users’ displacements. It simulates a set of users’ displacements during a number of days. Generated displacements are based on each user’s ac...

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