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Electronic medical record Editor (form)

Reconstruction on the basis of the original Editor, added a table function. Is not achieved by richText rich-text box. Realization of graphic integration, and achieving drag to the cells, merge and split back NET graphics programming is to type the System.Drawing.Graphics centered, its main used ty...

C # enterprise personnel management system

Source code from the c # from entry to the master (Wang Xiaoke, and Lv Shuang edited) the examples in the book, after debugging, code is available. Development environment: Windows platforms: Visual Studio 2010,SQL Server2008 language: c #Systems with the enterprise requirements for personnel manage...

Arcengine fundamental functions

C # basic operations based on arcengine10.2 writes the details shows a three-dimensional view of set will help beginners understand the three dimensional camera ArcGIS....

C++ mailing

This program is the author of the recent study some experiences gained when implementing a mail delivery system, and share the source code, originally just wanted to implement a feature complete, but as a senior programmer's habit, or you want the program to make perfect, but also has an associated...

Online Banking System(Java software)

this project is a java project fpr a bank system. the idea is that a user register if they are not already registered. When the app is run, you wll be brouht to a logon page, If the user is not registered, there is a reister button, which will redirect the user to a registration page. whil...

Cartogram using d3

This is a cartogram of srilanka using a json file with technologies such as html,css and json. You can build any kind of map using this as a sample.It reads the location from a json file and creates the cartogram....

User registration

The code used for registered interfaces in VB, mainly queries the database that the user is registered, if registration is prompted to enter a user name, if it is registered as a new user is not registered....

MIB browser

This development supports the SNMP++ software package in SNMP programming implementation, development. First through SNMP, IMB basics are introduced, the MIB file parsing, and implementing a MIB file module, module operations command response, the accessibility module. Via the SNMP variable value se...

Keyboard Test

Each key of the keyboard is detected, when the compile and run this program, your mouse and keyboard actions will be monitored, whether you press any key on the keyboard, it will be displayed in the window, a nice key detection program , VC ++ Source code is available vc ++ ...... compilation, compl...

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