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Fractal generator

This is fractal generator i created in c# with GUI working under windows. You can generate fractals such as mandelbrot, julia and intresting buddhabrot, a planing to work more on it plus add generation of many other fractals. What can you do?  -You can generate fractals, change opti...

AD9850 DDS module controller with Arduino Uno

just check the blog:

45tilemap a good Sample

#include "HelloWorldScene.h" #include "SimpleAudioEngine.h" #include "Player.h" using namespace cocos2d; using namespace CocosDenshion; CCScene* HelloWorld::scene() {     // 'scene' is an autorelease object     CCScene *scene = CCScene::create();    &nb...

real time video streaming through Bluetooth

This project is base on wireless communication between two computers. In this report we have discussed video streaming through Bluetooth. Video is the sequence of frames and streaming is the continuous sending of frames. Real time video streaming is becoming very popular field these days an...

Flex usage and notes

Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and comment Flex usage and notes Flex usage and comment Fl...

Electronic medical record Editor (form)

Reconstruction on the basis of the original Editor, added a table function. Is not achieved by richText rich-text box. Realization of graphic integration, and achieving drag to the cells, merge and split back NET graphics programming is to type the System.Drawing.Graphics centered, its main used ty...

C # enterprise personnel management system

Source code from the c # from entry to the master (Wang Xiaoke, and Lv Shuang edited) the examples in the book, after debugging, code is available. Development environment: Windows platforms: Visual Studio 2010,SQL Server2008 language: c #Systems with the enterprise requirements for personnel manage...

Arcengine fundamental functions

C # basic operations based on arcengine10.2 writes the details shows a three-dimensional view of set will help beginners understand the three dimensional camera ArcGIS....

C++ mailing

This program is the author of the recent study some experiences gained when implementing a mail delivery system, and share the source code, originally just wanted to implement a feature complete, but as a senior programmer's habit, or you want the program to make perfect, but also has an associated...

Online Banking System(Java software)

this project is a java project fpr a bank system. the idea is that a user register if they are not already registered. When the app is run, you wll be brouht to a logon page, If the user is not registered, there is a reister button, which will redirect the user to a registration page. whil...

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