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online registration information system

allows students to register at the university easily over the internet....

Reservation Hotel

family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">免费下载项目在线预订系统在 Php 中与我的 Sql.hear 在线酒店预订系统项目与完整的源代码。酒店管理系统项目用于维护每一位客户的信息。每一...

Gdal image stitching

In VC ++ based GDAL library complete image stitching function, splicing the image location, go for overlapping processing is handled behind the image will overwrite the previous image processing to calculate the spatial extent of all of the input file and set then the resolution of the image, the ca...


family:宋体;">以下功能:1.前台销售结帐。 2.基本信息管理。3.基本信息查询。4.日结查询。5.超市小票打印。  使用本系统,请按照以下流程操作: 1.首先在后台管理中的“基础信息”中添加商品、员工及供应商信息。...

Samkar Retail Management System

space:nowrap;">Samkar POS 零售管理系统是为中心的数据库系统,它可以被用来管理你的中小企业。Samkar RMS 允许用户存储几乎所有他们的业务信息的电子化,包括销售、 员工、 属性、 客户、 供应商的资料,甚至允许功能用户发展到...

Install Program With Delphi

space:nowrap;">用 Delphi 安装程序 用 Delphi 安装程序...

VB control handle dynamic access to an onscreen information

space:nowrap;">VB 动态获取屏幕任意控件句柄信息,通过移动鼠标获取...

hotel reservation

space:nowrap;"> 2. database name = hotelreservation 3. dump in phpmyadmin database/hotelreservation.sql and  database/stroredprocedure.sql 4. and please remove the trigger in hotelreservation.sql to run trigger completely 5. http://localhost/HotelReservation/Hotel.php and it w...

Hotel management system

size:14px;">In this project customers search for the booking to the hotel at the particular location then he/she can find the various hotels which are available and what are there prices then he/she can book the hotel for the particular day or some time....

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