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Electricity billing project

Application background Power Billing System   Objective: The objective of this application is the development of Electronic Billing System. It is a web-based application which aids the clients and staff members of A.P.S.E.B for dealing with transactions over the internet...

Book borrowing information analysis system

Since entering the 21st century, increasing library user and distribution is broader and more diffuse. With the development of computer technology of the network and user information is timely, accurate and personalized services have higher requirements. To provide users with better service, become...

Achievement system development

Application backgroundAPPLICATION CONSOLE: student achievement management system...

C++ bar code

Application backgroundPluie.rar - bar code generation software, according to user input automatic search bar code image -Barcode generation program. It can automatically generate barcode according to the user s input...

Northeastern University c++ big operation

Application backgroundC++ elective course of Northeastern University........ Supermarket management system, not too much content is relatively simple, but the results are good....

A backgammon program

Application backgroundUsing c++ Gobang procedures, no written interface console display, code easy to understand, very suitable for beginners....

LKomputer ZZ

All through all source codes are free for anyone for downloading, we do need this mechanism (points) to encourage people to share out more source code projects so that everyone can get more valuable codes eventually. We are putting a lot of effort on maintaining all the codes for you. We really appr...

four frinds team

please me for project , I am needed software drawing shapes such as square,rectangle and circle , pen gui...

My private code

================================================================================     MICROSOFT FOUNDATION CLASS LIBRARY : TaskBarSample Project Overview =============================================================================== The application wizard has created this TaskBarSam...

Pencitraan Air to Ground

this is a project software pencitraan air to ground for f16 shooting zone.. Private Sub cmdHasil_Click() If File1.filename = "1.jpg" Then Call hasil ElseIf File1.filename = "2.jpg" Then Call hasil2 ElseIf File1.filename = "3.jpg" Then Call hasil3 ElseIf File1.filename = "4.jpg" Then Ca...

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