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Electricity billing project

Application background Power Billing System   Objective: The objective of this application is the development of Electronic Billing System. It is a web-based application which aids the clients and staff members of A.P.S.E.B for dealing with transactions over the internet...

Cartogram using d3

This is a cartogram of srilanka using a json file with technologies such as html,css and json. You can build any kind of map using this as a sample.It reads the location from a json file and creates the cartogram....

Comobox smart tips

Combo Box (combo box) control is very simple, can save space. From the user's point of view, this control is a text input control and a drop-down menu. The user can select an option from a predefined list, also can be directly in the text box to enter text....

Snake game on .net

Snake game is most popular game..herei develop this game in asp.netAs with the study its good to do work.At one this lest do 2 is the code of game which write in the is easy to understand and its running condition..So enjoy ur study with fun....

Siemens 200PLC monitor screen

Monitor the 200PLC I/O status, sending commands to the PLC via computer through a COM port PORT0 (PORT1), PLC receives instruction through RCV, and then decoding the instruction, after decoding corresponding read/write subroutine call instruction required operations and instruction execution status...

2015092700VB_skin (VB skin)

Application backgroundA variety of VB skin for application, fresh, cool skin, let your VB interface is no longer a single style, let your users more enjoy using your software. The software calls SkinH_VB6.dll, the application of 38 kinds of skin (.She) can be selected.Key TechnologyThe software call...

Print and preview in the dialog box

Application backgroundPrint and preview in the dialog box, the basic principle is derived from the CFrameWnd, CScrollView and CPreviewView three classes, that is, through the CFrameWnd to do the intermediary in the dialog based program to achieve print preview function...

Achievement system development

Application backgroundAPPLICATION CONSOLE: student achievement management system...

C++ bar code

Application backgroundPluie.rar - bar code generation software, according to user input automatic search bar code image -Barcode generation program. It can automatically generate barcode according to the user s input...

Multi view video encoding standard JMVC8.5

Application backgroundThis is the video on encoding's code, applied to multi view video, the code is very detailed, the use of JMVC encoding video files of various formats for encoding to get files, compressed package also includes the use of the software manuals, to help us understand the learning....

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