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Student information management system

Student information management system, functions to achieve: student information queries, student information to add, delete student information, log on to verify student information management system!Programming software VS2008, database type SQL Server2005!...

Achievement system development

Application backgroundAPPLICATION CONSOLE: student achievement management system...

A backgammon program

Application backgroundUsing c++ Gobang procedures, no written interface console display, code easy to understand, very suitable for beginners....

Ulinzi Bora Payroll System

This is a simple payroll project, compatible with visual basic,net. it has a login form , a main controll form , a payroll output form and a payroll input form.for login use admin passo word Admin It is a good project for beginers and developers who can build on the design and code to come up with a...

Reservation Software

This is hotel reservation system with Vistual Studio and C#.Aim of this project is to provide simple understanding how to code, you can create your own database...


It's about a project which takes as input a txt file with data an auto-completes the user's entries at the prompt....

digital image processing

Application background Digital signal processing (DSP) has been a growing and dynamic field for more than a decade. Therefore, nowadays, DSP has found applications in almost industry such as speed processing and seismic data processing have utilized the techniques of digital signal processing f...

transform square wave and register value each other

tool for hardware and software. base on some rule. you set the register value, then square wave will be shown.on the other side, if you setting the square wave , the register value will be is helpful for the hardware and software who want to adjust the wave. especially for who want to...


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