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Based on c++ 331

Application backgroundThe teacher assignments, including 331, for all the war, the war machine...

Campus small commodities trading system 1

Application backgroundCurriculum design of small commodities trading system to provide additional goods under the orders of the query and other functions  Administrator function:User information management: user information queryCommodity management: commodity information deletion order managem...

Cleanflight flight control source code

Application backgroundCleanFlight is the 32 flight control software based on BaseFlight transformation, optimization, upgrade and become...

Automation code

Application backgroundFactory product test automation code, including mechanical hand control code...

Geographic information system

This system is based on ArcGIS Engine and development, achieving a GIS interface and related functionality. Including management, elements of practical functions such as query and select the layer....

PIC18_EEPROM PIC single chip EEPROM write procedure

PIC monolithic integrated circuit EEPROM read/write program IIC hardware interface programs, read and write data...

matlab code for naive bayes classifier

A naive Bayes classifier is a simple probabilistic classifier based on applying Bayes' theorem with strong (naive) independence assumptions. A more descriptive term for the underlying probability model would be "independent feature model". An overview of statistical classifiers is given in the artic...

VC++ game development

Here are some facts about VC++ game programming code, there's a lot of code, by studying and reading the code, you can more deeply understand for C++ game programming, and also on the game development process, developed a deeper understanding...

airline reservation system

The web based “airline reservation system” project is an attempt to stimulate the basic concepts of airline reservation system. The system enables the customer to do the things such as search for airline flights for two travel cities on a specified date, choose a flight based on the details,...

python for led demo

Python contact led screens, and query the database update led content                                      ...

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