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The classic ball hits the brick

Application backgroundClassic graphics movement and collision, suitable for beginners to use, because the compiler is a small game, for personal interest is much greater, the user can take this as the basis, to adjust their own interest variables and functions, in order to see the effect, so as to d...

I, M, Smith, the third edition of the Fortran program

Application background"Finite element method programming," the third edition of the Fortran program,     many of the finite element of the material is usually only the principle of finite element analysis and practical engineering problems, and not and to produce the actual numberConstruct...

Smart car seesaw source

Application backgroundNowadays robots are gradually in certain sectors of society emerge, UAV, intelligent vehicles and other machines are becoming more and more and more of its unique advantages. The design and implementation of intelligent car balance on the seesaw.Key TechnologySmart car adopts s...

Data management system based on Qt

Application backgroundBased on Qt data management system, the database of Qt is used, the Qt for beginners to learn the development of database and other technology has a strong learning value.......Key TechnologySetFixedSize (750, 500);Ui-> stackedWidget-> setCurrentIndex (0);*typeModel new =...

Design of four rotor aircraft based on 51 single chip microcomputer

Application backgroundThe design of IAP15W4K58S4- DIY based on the four axis, including principle diagram, remote control and four axis of the source code itself...

Annual meeting code

Application backgroundThis program is developed for the company annual meetingConcrete process:1, open the program to display the total control interface, while loading all the data involved in the draw.2, click on the corresponding awards will enter the corresponding draw interface, click on the sp...

Python Baidu paste it

Application backgroundUsing Python to prepare the Baidu Post Bar crawler, crawling time, content, and reply to the people, the use of the requests library files, including, directly to the python to the Lib copy folder. But need to install other lxml....

Based on c++ 331

Application backgroundThe teacher assignments, including 331, for all the war, the war machine...


Application backgroundPHP multi-user mall source. Can create an empty multi-user mall, inside the function are complete, including the shop management, payment management, logistics management, product release, database using mysql, through testing to individuals, can use, fully open source, without...

PHP+MYSQL books background management system

Application backgroundThe system is a Book background management system. Functions to achieve the book entry, delete, query, modify. Have registration interface, login interface, login interface to achieve verification code verification, there are some features are not perfect, the framework templat...

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