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Annual meeting code

Application backgroundThis program is developed for the company annual meetingConcrete process:1, open the program to display the total control interface, while loading all the data involved in the draw.2, click on the corresponding awards will enter the corresponding draw interface, click on the sp...

Python Baidu paste it

Application backgroundUsing Python to prepare the Baidu Post Bar crawler, crawling time, content, and reply to the people, the use of the requests library files, including, directly to the python to the Lib copy folder. But need to install other lxml....

Based on c++ 331

Application backgroundThe teacher assignments, including 331, for all the war, the war machine...

Vlfeat toolbox

Application backgroundVlfeat toolbox, running in the toolbox MATLAB folder vl_setup.m files can be used, in the operation of blocks need to install....


Application backgroundPHP multi-user mall source. Can create an empty multi-user mall, inside the function are complete, including the shop management, payment management, logistics management, product release, database using mysql, through testing to individuals, can use, fully open source, without...

Campus small commodities trading system 1

Application backgroundCurriculum design of small commodities trading system to provide additional goods under the orders of the query and other functions  Administrator function:User information management: user information queryCommodity management: commodity information deletion order managem...

Cleanflight flight control source code

Application backgroundCleanFlight is the 32 flight control software based on BaseFlight transformation, optimization, upgrade and become...

Automation code

Application backgroundFactory product test automation code, including mechanical hand control code...

Qt to jerk off

This is a QT game, very much like ordinary we jerk off, though the interface is not, but it can be considered a success story, welcome to download, which is reproduced to others, hope that can help you learn ~...

Geographic information system

This system is based on ArcGIS Engine and development, achieving a GIS interface and related functionality. Including management, elements of practical functions such as query and select the layer....

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