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OpenSSL programming

This is a learning personal best OpenSSL programming document, which also contains a lot of code is written in c language....

Python-based implementations Frogger game

Use python achieve Frogger, call button and graphics module in the program, each frog packaged as a module, you can determine the direction of the beating and after clicking the left or right movement, and according to the number of sides of the frog's discretion to decide whether across a frog, a f...

Assembly design of backgammon game

This code is suitable for assembly language beginners to refer to the study, relatively speaking, feature of the program is complete; to achieve human-computer chess, all games, you can also choose the difficulty level of the game, you can display the playing time....

Freescale Semiconductor opto-electronic sources

Ninth Freescale Semiconductor smart car CCD competition source code, very useful image filtering algorithm with track recognition. IAR6.5 compilation environment...

June 2015 the most common programming language list

Application backgroundCodeForge website latest June 2015 most common programming language list. This list clearly reflects the popularity of various programming languages in the world, and can provide references for all professionals and other professionals engaged in the development of software and...

APM flight control source program

Application backgroundIs the APM flight control PDE source program, suitable for n~~~~~~~~~~~~ research and development two times.Key Technology....................................................

Synthetic aperture radar imaging with MATLAB algorithms-Wiley Inverse

Application backgroundSynthetic aperture radar imaging with MATLAB algorithms-Wiley. InverseKey TechnologyISAR imaging correlation algorithm, and all with a matching MATLAB procedures. At present, the domestic SAR and ISAR of the open code is not much. In this paper, we provide a more complete syste...

Vlfeat toolbox

Application backgroundVlfeat toolbox, running in the toolbox MATLAB folder vl_setup.m files can be used, in the operation of blocks need to install....

2015 national wind swing

Application backgroundThis code is 2015 National Electronic Design Contest automatic control wind-driven pendulum, four days and three nights after the completion of the wind swing works and use the STM32 chip, code is written in C language. The work won second prize, the code is simple to understan...

Cleanflight flight control source code

Application backgroundCleanFlight is the 32 flight control software based on BaseFlight transformation, optimization, upgrade and become...

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