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forex, stock and securities- trade index

Display the charts of  two investment items together on Mt4 platform//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                            ...

MFC game code

Homemade MFC game, pac man, for people just learning C++ when the toy. Knowing about rotation and programming interface. The monster in a search to find your place....

Read BMP picture information C program

Application backgroundBmp image file consists of three parts: bitmap file header data structure that contains BMP image file types, display information content; bitmap information data structure. It contains a BMP image width, height, compression method, and definition of color information.Key Techn...

Plane frame static analysis program

Application backgroundC++ language plane rigid frame static analysis program, the content is full, it can be used for large operations. Computational mechanics, computational structural mechanics, finite element, and so can be used, inclusive from output to input all of the subroutineKey TechnologyT...

Mpu6050 51 routines

Application backgroundMPU-60X0 is the world's first 9 axis motion sensor. It integrates the 3 axis MEMS gyroscope, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, and a scalable digital motion processor DMP (digital motion processor), available I2C interface connected to a third-party digital sensors, such as magnetic....

More than 7000 lines of C code, the students' comprehensive management system

Application background        C language for beginners, you can contact the big project.Student information integrated application / management system, a total of 7179 lines, by 14 structure, 112 function modules, divided into administrators (teachers) and students model, can ach...

The classic ball hits the brick

Application backgroundClassic graphics movement and collision, suitable for beginners to use, because the compiler is a small game, for personal interest is much greater, the user can take this as the basis, to adjust their own interest variables and functions, in order to see the effect, so as to d...

I, M, Smith, the third edition of the Fortran program

Application background"Finite element method programming," the third edition of the Fortran program,     many of the finite element of the material is usually only the principle of finite element analysis and practical engineering problems, and not and to produce the actual numberConstruct...

Smart car seesaw source

Application backgroundNowadays robots are gradually in certain sectors of society emerge, UAV, intelligent vehicles and other machines are becoming more and more and more of its unique advantages. The design and implementation of intelligent car balance on the seesaw.Key TechnologySmart car adopts s...

Design of four rotor aircraft based on 51 single chip microcomputer

Application backgroundThe design of IAP15W4K58S4- DIY based on the four axis, including principle diagram, remote control and four axis of the source code itself...

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