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More than 7000 lines of C code, the students' comprehensive management system

Application background        C language for beginners, you can contact the big project.Student information integrated application / management system, a total of 7179 lines, by 14 structure, 112 function modules, divided into administrators (teachers) and students model, can ach...

Tower Defense game is similar to battle to defend the Kingdom

Application backgroundTower defense games, a total of three levels, each level three batches. The monster has two mobile paths, randomly select a path to move, the monster has different types, different types of monster properties. The turret has two kinds, one is a bullet, is an archery. Can be upg...

High precision frequency meter

This system based on C8051F020 to achieve equal precision frequency measurement using the SCM flexible speed control function and Advantage dramatically improves performance and measurement accuracy. Previous frequency measurement is counted directly at high frequencies and low frequencies of indir...

C macro definition

His summary of commonly used macro definitions, 51 is useful for code management, others can also refer to a look, learn more about writing is always good, and uploading for the first time, will continue to upload your own code or feel good summary or something for everyone, do not like do not spray...

The realization of bank management system

Bank management system written in C++. Operation is divided into front and back-office management, front office users can change your password, view balances, deposits, withdrawals, and so on. Background can create and delete accounts, simple interface and code easier to understand....

Pretend to be fishing for people, you can run

Fishing people, learning, on-the-job training, you can run and has reached basic human functions of fishing!...

Simple piano using beep()

This is a sort of piano that plays music through pc's internal speaker using beeps. There are two gamma scales....

Selected class system design

  Requirements: specific design requirements achieved following function: 1, and courses information entry function 2, and courses information browse function 3, and query function: (by courses nature query, and by courses credits query, query each students of elective information, and query ea...

The console version 2048

A console version 2048"2048" is a popular digital game. The original 2048 first published on GitHub, the original author is Gabriele Cirulli. It is based on the "1024" and "3 small legend" play the developed model of digital game.AsherVollmer and GregWohlwend as a Three...

Calculator program

This is a simple calculator program based on c++. Basic operations can be realized, square, square, clear screen function and so on backlash, it is suitable for beginners to learn the basic controls for MFC operations...

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