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wince game 24 points

Popular game, wince for beginners, is a good springboard, faster progress!...

Plane frame static analysis program

Application backgroundC++ language plane rigid frame static analysis program, the content is full, it can be used for large operations. Computational mechanics, computational structural mechanics, finite element, and so can be used, inclusive from output to input all of the subroutineKey TechnologyT...

More than 7000 lines of C code, the students' comprehensive management system

Application background        C language for beginners, you can contact the big project.Student information integrated application / management system, a total of 7179 lines, by 14 structure, 112 function modules, divided into administrators (teachers) and students model, can ach...

Design of four rotor aircraft based on 51 single chip microcomputer

Application backgroundThe design of IAP15W4K58S4- DIY based on the four axis, including principle diagram, remote control and four axis of the source code itself...

Student examination system

According to the students ' examination of the characteristics and the actual situation, the system should be based on the examination process, From a professional point of view, Provides scientifically valid test mode. Subjects in the examination using the system automatically from a data table, de...

C++ implementation of synchronous FIFO

Compare with hardware implementation, you can send and receive data in the routing algorithm. Simple modeling models, it is very helpful. Documentation: FIFO.H,FIFO. CPP,MAIN. CPP...

C macro definition

His summary of commonly used macro definitions, 51 is useful for code management, others can also refer to a look, learn more about writing is always good, and uploading for the first time, will continue to upload your own code or feel good summary or something for everyone, do not like do not spray...

The realization of bank management system

Bank management system written in C++. Operation is divided into front and back-office management, front office users can change your password, view balances, deposits, withdrawals, and so on. Background can create and delete accounts, simple interface and code easier to understand....

Lua Cpp bind example

Just an simple example of how to bind Lua and cpp.In this project I'm using lua 5.2 and a make file to configure the compilation properly....

Design of multifunctional bicycle odometer

The design using AT89S52 microcontroller as the core, Hall sensors for measuring the speed, and the bike mileage, speed, time, temperature measurement and statistics, using memory 24C32 realize the power down time to save mileage and miles of bike and speeds with LCD display. Article detailing the b...

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