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sparse matrix

This codes are about sparse matrix.I represented sparse matrix as structure.And it also can do addition of sparse matrix.If you read this code then you can learn about memory allocation, pointer and structure application.Sparse matrix's elements are almost 0, so if you define it as 2 demensional arr...

Motion control card

The solid high GTS motion control card in the implementation of linear perspective pretreatment interpolation process, including coordinate system is established, the implementation of the cache area interpolation, display coordinates and prospective processing programming, for novice users have ver...

Supermarkets and inventory management system

family:宋体;">超市进销存管理系统应该具有以下功能: l          前台销售结帐。 l          基本信息管理。 l        &nb...

OPNET approach to ALOHA

collision multiple data transmission. the result of this approach can be seen through its throughput where it measure the rate of transmission-attempts multiplied by the probability of success. The higher the traffic load the lower the throughput. ...

Leach in WSN use Omnet++

Use OMne++ achive the leach algorithm, and run OK, please check out, abd enjoy the code ,if there some error,pls contact me, ...

CAODV code

space:nowrap;">认知无线电网络在 NS2 上 caodv (认知 adhoc 的点播矢量) 路由协议的执行情况...

C++ MOPSO code

size:14px;">本人新研究的一个MOPSO(多目标粒子群算法),用于各种优化计算,C++编译,非常好用, 何选择带领者呢? MOPSO在存档中选择一个粒子跟随。如何选择呢?根据网格划分,假设每个网格中粒子数个,i代表第几个网...

PSO algorithm program

Some common PSO algorithm procedures, including basic PSO, a linear variation PSO, the compression factor PSO, PSO random weights, etc., can facilitate learning...

C # ATM machine

With c # Realize the ATM machine, simple queries, withdrawals, transfers and other functions, the user according to their own account password, log in, check User information...

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